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Author: Agent Robertson

Voting for Dr. Goodall and other issues…

We, like countless groups before us, have benefited immeasurably from the guidance and support of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots administration team many times over and were therefore extremely disappointed to learn of the impending financial situation, which threatens the programmes very existence. As a group we have been very lucky to be nominated for […]

From Have a Green Halloween to Cast Your Vote Here Please!

One of the really great things about Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Programme is the utter diversity of activities any one group can undertake whilst staying true to its own fundamental principles. This is certainly true for us as, we find ourselves in a situation whereby having just undertaken a huge environmental awareness day in […]

“A Significant Observation” – Highland Facilitator Team

We have enjoyed an incredible autumn with stunning weather, beautiful sunsets and a wealth of nature’s awe-inspiring colour. However on the 19th of September we took part ( in honour of Peace Day) in what we are sure was one of the wettest Tesco Community Fairs ever held; the weather was so bad that it […]

Highland & Island Team Spread the Word of Roots & Shoots!!

Exercise 2 of the Gombe 50 Activity Set We began our endeavour to spread the word of Roots & Shoots by conducting a region wide social experiment in order to highlight to the agents some of the fundamental difficulties faced by Jane Goodall when she started campaigning on behalf of the Chimpanzees of the Gombe […]

Jane’s Lost Diaries: Part 2 – Mission Update!!

Highland & Island Facilitator Group Parts 4-7 One of the biggest difficulties facing us, as has been pointed out before, is the difficulty that some of our agents have in putting themselves in the shoes of others. We therefore decided to attempt to recreate an atmosphere whereby they were the person paddling up the river […]

Jane’s Lost Diaries: Part 1 – Mission Update!!

Highland & Island Facilitator Group Parts 1-3 Part 1 – People, Animals and the Environment at Home We were very excited at the prospect of undertaking this project as earlier research had already alerted us to the fact that there were an amazing amount of similarities between our environment and that of the Gombe National […]