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Author: Agent Robertson

“…and some sun…”

Dust Bowl Project: Animal Factors Carrying on from our investigations into how Dust Bowl conditions bring detrimental change to affected environments, the agents spent time looking at the consequences of such a change to Kent’s interdependent ecosystem. Our aim was to demonstrate that the first signs of change to an environment can easily go unnoticed […]

“And to think we had hailstones two weeks ago…”

Dust Bowl Project: Environmental Factors Agents learnt how and why the American Dust Bowls emerged and then looked at the effects on the people involved. Kent’s environmental change 80 yrs later was due to many of the same factors and the agents studied how scientists, farmers and environmentalists tackled the problem then and now. They […]

Hi from the thawing North! – Highlands Mission Update!

I can’t begin to write this posting without first offering a huge Thank-You to everyone at Roots & Shoots for our Gold Award. It helps that we are family based and that the agents who are able bodied do not appear to perceive other agents’ difficulties as a barrier to certain experiences. I think one […]

Starting Small in the Highlands – Home Facilitator Mission Update!

My fellow agents are a small but resourceful group of disabled and able-bodied students who have a curtailed access to mainstream schooling as a result of numerous health related issues. However, just because we don’t always fit the expected mould, it does not mean that we are any less responsible than the next agent, for […]