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Author: jade

I am an Ecology and Conservation student at Anglia Ruskin University, who joined the university’s Roots & Shoots group in October 2007. I have thrown myself head first into the society and have since been to the Jane Goodall Global Youth Summit and now work as an Intern at the JGI London office. I am travelling to Nepal for 2 months to join the Nepalese Roots & Shoots groups and help their national director Manoj Gautam with his mind blowing projects.

Jade’s Blog: Learning the Language

I arrived in Nepal a few hours late, due to delays in Abu Dhabi and was extremely tired, but to be reunited with Rajan and Manoj after 2 months injected some excitement and energy back into me.  They took me to Manoj’s home where all the Roots & Shoots members were waiting with a welcome […]

Jade’s Trip to Nepal

At the Jane Goodall Global Youth Summit, in April 2008, I met Manoj Gautam and Raajan Subedi, who are two of the Roots & Shoots members from Nepal. Manoj and I became close friends very quickly and he soon asked me to come and visit them in Nepal to help with their conservation and community […]