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Author: Agent Knox

Passion for the planet

Our talented art students have been making protest figures as part of a  Mole Valley arts council project. There work has been displayed within the community showing how young people can tackle the issues of sustainability, Ecology and care for the Earth.  The students really enjoyed making the figures and their diversity shows how we […]

Eco Garden

The Therfield Eco garden is getting ready for spring. We have our beds assembled and  ready, compost heap and shed up to start work. Planting herbs, vegetables and flowers for biodiversity is our aim. In a few months time our green space will be filled with colour and life.

Therfield Waste Warriors

Over the last 2 years we have improved our whole school attitude to waste and litter. The Eco team have installed recycling bins across the school and invested in litter pickers. Every afternoon tutor time students are out picking up litter taking and making a difference to our school grounds. The Eco team have presented […]