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Author: Sunil Patel

Donating funds raised

After all the hard work you’ve done over our key fundraising months at the end of last year, you’re probably wondering, what happens next? You can donate money on behalf of Roots & Shoots initiatives directly to the Jane Goodall Institute, and you will find information on the different ways you can do this at […]

National Climate March – 6th December

Join us on the National Climate March along with thousands of people in more than 70 countries around the world as part of the Global Day of Action on climate. Assemble: 12noon at Grosvenor Sq (this has changed from Speaker’s Corner, because of a car-free day in London on 6th December) Speakers at the rally […]

NEWS ALERT – Fundraising

October and November are Roots & Shoots’ official fundraising months for the Jane Goodall Institute. During this time we invite schools to take part in fundraising for our Africa programmes. For information on how you can raise money and where it goes, see our Autumn 2007 newsletter.

Which Animals Live in Dry and Dusty Environments?

This activity is about looking at what sort of animals live in dry, dusty environments, and what special adaptations or features they have that allow them to do so. The main things that students should take away from this activity are the differences between these animals and the ones that are native to their own local environments.

Water: Audits and Pledges

The average person in the UK uses a massive 153 litres of water per day. A lot of this goes on washing and flushing toilets, and a lot is wasted through dripping taps, overfilled kettles and inefficient appliances. This activity helps students discover where water is used in the home and what they can do to reduce the amount that is used.

History: The Dustbowl in America

The period of American history known as the Dustbowl took place during the 1930s. Exhaustive farming techniques with little or no crop rotation took its toll on the condition of soil in the American and Canadian prairie lands, in particular destroying the vast grasslands. When a period of severe drought occurred, the dry and exposed […]

Waterworld Activity: Teacher’s Notes

The Waterworld Teacher’s Notes gives full background on how Roots & Shoots: Mission Possible works, what has happened to make the future Waterworld happen, and how best to use the activities.   Download the Waterworld Teacher’s Notes »

The 2008 Roots & Shoots Awards with Dr Jane

On the 15th September, schools from across the UK gathered together in London to share and present their Roots & Shoots activities to Dr Jane and each other at the Roots & Shoots Awards ceremony. The event took place at the prestigious National Theatre on the South Bank. The National aims to re-energise the great […]

Post a story about your school and win an award!

Got a news story about your school’s projects? Want to enter the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Awards? You’re in the right place! The Roots & Shoots website allows you to easily post updates on how your school has been helping people, animals and the environment directly to the site to share with other Roots […]