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Author: Sunil Patel

Mission Updates – Section Updated!

Several new completed projects have been added to this section that can inspire you with ideas for your own. You can now also leave comments or ask questions about a project so be sure to check this section regularly to see what’s been happening and how projects turned out. See all the completed projects here.

Volunteer Opportunities!

If you are interested in making a bigger contribution, then the Jane Goodall Institute has some exciting new volunteer opportunities that could be ideal for you! See below for full role descriptions of the placements, which are all based in east Africa but run for differing lengths of time. Curriculum Guide Development Volunteer – Uganda […]

What Animals Live in the Ice Today? – An Iceworld Activity

This activity is about looking at what sort of animals live in cold, icy conditions, and what special adaptations or features they have that allow them to do so. The main things that students should take away from this activity are the differences between these animals and the ones that are native to their own […]

Rosemellin Woodland Rangers

Rosemellin Primary School, Camborne. Project run by Agent Norris and her year 5 class a.k.a. the “Rosemellin Woodland Rangers”. Other people involved: The National Trust Cornwall Wildlife Trust Cornwall Environmental Consultants Agent Lambert, Project Coordinator, Camborne Science & Community College Aims: To design and develop a woodland ecological site on the school premises using the […]

Poster – Main Poster

Here is a tree poster to print out and put on the wall (A3 size is best). You can then download and print out some leaves for writing on and sticking on your poster Download the Poster