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Author: Linda Seward

Disco time!

I am ever on the lookout for innovative solutions to the issues facing our environment and society and I absolutely love this report of a school in Canterbury who have put in an electricity generating light up floor in one of their corridors (they get even more bonus points as the company that makes the […]

Climate change made easy

You’re probably aware that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) this week presented their findings on climate change to the UN. If so, you’re also probably aware that they are 95% certain that many of the changes that are being seen in our climate are because of things that humans are doing (carbon emissions […]

Stick together like birds of a feather

We here at the blog love a story about animal behaviour that can also be linked to human behaviour. Call us soppy. Actually it’s not soppy, we figure that the more we can highlight community behaviour in animals, the harder it is to not feel empathy with them, therefore the more likely non-animal lovers are […]

Queen Elizabeth II High School

Each term we highlight the work on a particular school whose project has been extremely innovative.  This term we would like to tell you about Queen Elizabeth II High School’s grow your own clothes scheme.  In the West, purchase of cheap clothes from overseas has a negative impact on both the environment and workers in those […]

The wise old tree

Welcome back blog fans!  I hope you enjoyed your summer and aren’t struggling too much with the new term.  This summer has been full of interesting science stories, but today I want to have a look at the wildfires that are burning in California.  California is biologically interesting as it is home of the Sequoia […]


Headlines have been full of the news that science has found a way to make children from 3 parents, so we want to explore some of the issues surrounding that. Firstly, whether you think this is great, or an example of scientists playing God, let’s just say how amazing it is that technology is capable of such a thing. But now it’s supposedly possible, why would someone want to create a child with 3 biological parents?

Long Eaton School, Derbyshire

This term, we’d like to highlight the work of the Long Eaton School in Derbyshire, our gold awards winners from last year! Our eco-minded students at the school have been working on a wide variety of projects, from planting a tree to mark the Queen’s Jubilee, to hosting world environmental fun days and the “greenfingers […]


This week, 20 top scientists are going to meet to discuss the crazy weather that the UK has been having for the past few years

Ozone, no zone

Earlier this week we heard the sad news that the man who discovered the ozone hole, Joe Farman, has died. I’m sure you all know what the ozone layer is and what the issue with the hole was, but just as a quick reminder