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Author: Agent Lashley

St. Helens K.S. 3 Summer Update Environment

Environment As part of our commitment to green issues our school has been undertaking a project to achieve ECO-schools status. In order to achieve this standard the students have made a number of improvements to the school grounds to encourage wildlife. One of our major projects this year has been the creation of a bog […]

St. Helens K.S. 3 Summer Update People

People At Christmas time the students decided to make decorative Yule logs again and expanded their enterprise also making holly wreaths. The natural materials, logs and holly were collected from the local area and then brought back into school. The students cut the logs to size and planed the bottom of each one to provide […]

St. Helens K.S. 3 Summer Update Animals

Animals The students decided to improve upon their designs from last year to produce more bird houses and a large ‘Buginham Palace’ insect haven on site at school and natural habitats at the allotment. Students completed the construction during technology lessons and then filled the pallets with dry leaves, twigs and small branches. Students were […]

Update from St Helens

Animals The students were introduced to the Roots & Shoots Programme and Jane Goodall’s work in a group setting and then science and geography lessons were used to explore topics of adaptations and habitats. An outdoor education visit was planned for Chester Zoo to investigate animal adaptations and observe the created habitats. Educational visit to Chester Zoo 12th […]