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Author: Agent Sleight

Paper Cycle – A Queen Elizabeth II High School Mission

Project Subject: Paper is a commodity used to excess in the modern world. Books, pages, lined paper, blank paper, pamphlets, posters, packaging – everywhere you look, there it is. In a busy school environment, thousands of pieces of paper are used every week – and a good number of these are just wastefully thrown away. […]

tREe’Cycle’ at Queen Elizabeth II High School – Mission Report!

Summary: We were concerned about the increasing carbon emissions from our school transport. We conducted a survey on vehicle use, model, emissions and journey length for the entire school for a year. We calculated, we needed to plant 4490 trees to offset annual transport emissions. To date we have planted 2800 trees, organised a cycle […]

Queen Elizabeth II High School’s Fairtrade Survey – Mission Update!

A group of yr 10 students conducted a Fairtrade survey around the local area for the One World Centre. If a shop sold 2 or more Fairtrade products they could be included in the Island Fairtrade directory. The students enjoyed planning and conducting their survey. Most shops made them welcome and welcomed the opportunity to […]