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Author: Aoife Glass

Dr Jane Goodall’s new book – The Book of Hope – OUT NOW!

Now, more than ever, we need reasons for hope, and that is exactly what Dr Jane Goodall and internationally-bestselling author Douglas Abrams explore in The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for an Endangered Planet. This new book explores one of the most sought-after and least understood elements of human nature – hope – through […]

No Waste November 2021

No Waste November is back for 2021, and we want you AND your friends, family, colleagues and classmates to get involved. It’s a month-long event that supports and empowers individuals and institutions to tackle a waste form in their own communities and in turn create positive global impact. With world leaders meeting shortly for COP26, […]

Dr Jane Goodall announced as COP26 Advocate

With the crucial COP26 summit fast approaching, seen by many as our last big chance to tackle climate change, Dr Jane Goodall has been announced as Advocate and will be speaking to World Leaders about the vital relationship between nature and climate. The COP26 conference takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, from the 1st to the […]

Everything you need to know about COP26

If you’ve been watching the news, you may have heard about something called COP26, and that’s it’s going to be really important for the environment. But what is COP26, why is it important, what’s going to happen and how can it help wildlife?  What is COP26 COP26 is a meeting of global leaders.  The COP […]

Celebrate International Day of Peace with Roots & Shoots

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots invites you to join members all around the world this September 21st as we celebrate International Day of Peace in a special way. We would like you to join us in #PlantingHope! What is International Day of Peace? International Day of Peace, sometimes also called Peace Day or World Peace […]

Voices from our Earth

Climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation are just some of the challenges our planet faces today. Are we in time to do something about it? Can we learn to live in balance with nature after so long?  Typically, we hope that new science or modern technologies will solve these problems but there is an ancient […]

Meet Nature’s Olympians

The best athletes and sportspeople in the world are competing in Tokyo at this moment, combining fitness, skill, speed, stamina, focus and more in the ultimate test of athletic ability. Meanwhile, Mother Nature’s athletes compete every day to thrive and survive. Let’s meet some of them! Running Running is an incredibly important skill for many […]

How to help wildlife in hot weather

Phew, it’s hot outside! And if us humans are feeling the heat, you know that wildlife will be too. But while we can pop on a fan, sip an icy drink or eat some ice cream to cool down, it’s not that easy for wildlife. So how do wild birds and animals cope when the […]

Celebrate World Chimpanzee Day with us!

The 14th of July is World Chimpanzee Day, where people around the world unite to celebrate the innate value, complexity and importance of our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom – chimpanzees. It all started with Dr Jane Goodall… The day honours the anniversary of the moment in 1960 when 26-year-old Jane Goodall first […]