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Author: Aoife Glass

Science in space

At this moment, 220 miles above planet Earth, British astronaut Tim Peake is zooming through space in the International Space Station, or ISS. He blasted off from Kazakstan on  the 15 December 2015 after years of special astronaut training. Tim Peake isn’t the first British astronaut. Dr Helen Sharman, a chemist from Sheffield, became the first […]

Staying snug over the winter

It’s beginning to get icy and cold outside. Everyone is digging out their warmest coats, gloves and hats, and although it’s nice to get outside, it’s also tempting to stay inside in the warm, snuggle up with a blanket and hide away. Lots of mammals like to hide away over the winter, spending the cold […]

Flying south for the winter

Look to the skies at this time of year and the chances are you’ll see flocks of birds in the air, all flying together in the same direction. These birds aren’t just flying for the fun of it – they’re off to spend the winter months in a warmer place, and this type of behaviour […]

Springwatch – A Dustbowl Activity

Phenology is the study of Spring. In particular, it’s the recording and study of the first appearance of birds, animals, insects and plants in the spring. When things appear is affected by the climate, and so by studying if/how the first appearances have changed over time, we can see if current climate change is having […]

Who Lives in the Ice? – An Iceworld Activity

Where do people live in cold places in the world today? Who are they, and how do they cope with these extreme environments? Find out who they are and learn about what a day in their life is like.   Download this Activity Sheet »   Image: “Inuit Grandma 1 1995 06 11” by Ansgar Walk […]

What Animals Lived In The Ice Age? – An Iceworld Activity

Thousands of years ago, large parts of the world, including much of the UK, was covered by huge ice sheets. But despite these harsh conditions, many animals still survived. In this activity, students will find out what animals lived during the Ice Ages, how we know, and investigate how they coped with the cold climate. […]