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Author: Aoife Glass

Fascinating foxgloves

If you’ve been out wandering in the woods or countryside, the chances are you’ve spotted the tall, colourful foxglove which is in bloom in the warm months of June and July. These flowers aren’t just beautiful to look at, they’re also a source of food for many species and the original source of some of the […]

Stag Beetle-ing about

Around May to August is when the Stag Beetles come out. The UK’s largest species of beetle, they are rare to the point of being endangered with very few left in most parts of the UK. In other countries in Europe, they’ve become extinct in the wild. You can’t miss a Stag Beetle. If you’ve not […]

Featured Activity: Rubbish Charts

This activity is one of our My Local Area Activities and is based around a local area litterpick. Litter can be found everywhere. It is a danger to wildlife, as well as being unsightly. In this activity, you and your students will pick a suitable local area (this might be a beach if you are by […]

How to use your weekly shop to do good

Often, when we want to help a good cause, we’ll donate money to a charity or a fund or collection. This is important; it helps these organisations do their work and make a big difference. But it’s not the only way you can use your money to help. We spend money all the time; we […]

Simple everyday water-saving ideas

It’s easy to take water for granted. Turn on the tap and you get a seemingly endless supply splashing into the sink, pop to the seaside and there is literally oceans of the stuff and of course, in the UK it always seems like gallons of the stuff is falling from the sky! Which animals […]

How to be a journalist

Journalists and reporters are important. They are people whose job it is to investigate stories, uncover the truth, find out what’s going on (both good and bad!) and then share that information with the general public. The media, which includes newspapers, television, social media, magazines, radio, websites and more, rely on journalists to identify, research […]

Congratulations to our Roots & Shoots Awards winners

The Roots & Shoots Annual Awards were a roaring success! The Awards took place in the beautiful tropical gardens of London’s Barbican Centre and our 13 selected winners (chosen out of 2000 schools) were joined by our special guest – the American Community School all the way from Abu Dhabi! Some of our favourite Instagram and […]

Why disposable coffee cups are a problem

If you like to grab yourself a coffee on the go, you’ll probably have heard about the campaign against so-called disposable cups. 2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away each year in the UK and this is a very big problem. Firstly, they represent an awful lot of energy and resources being used to […]