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Author: Aoife Glass

Helping people in the cold and snow

Snow can mean different things to different people. For lots of us, it can be a good thing. If covers the ground, turning everything magical and white. It can mean that schools are closed so there’s an extra day to play outside and have fun, building snowmen. It can mean time to throw snowballs and make […]

Get ready for the Roots & Shoots Awards 2018

On the 9th of March, we’ll be celebrating the annual Roots & Shoots Awards in the beautiful Barbican centre in Central London. Find out more about the Roots & Shoots Awards The Awards are a celebration of the achievements of our amazing Roots & Shoots groups who’ve campaigned, researched, raised money, made positive changes, raised […]

9 ways to reduce your plastic use

If you watched Blue Planet, you’ll have seen the terrible plight marine animals fast as a result of the plastic we dump in the seas. And it’s not just marine animals; we are rapidly filling up our environment with plastic that takes thousands of years to break down, and then still persists in the environment […]

The Voice of the Earth

We had to share this beautiful poem written by Nabiha Naomi. Nabiha Naomi is a student at the Bangladesh School in Abu Dhabi, and part of Roots & Shoots Abu Dhabi. She performed the poem before Dr Jane Goodall herself at the recent Roots & Shoots Abu Dhabi Awards 2018, and it’s a though-provoking piece. […]

Featured activity: Local Safari

This activity is one of our BRAND NEW activities all about mapping, exploring and helping your local environment. It’s part of our new My Local Area activities. Each term this year, we’ll have a different activity focus from this new project collection. While the activities do work  as stand-alone projects, they are designed to be […]

Follow an amazing journey to the Antarctic!

Explorer Sir Rober Swan, his son, and their team are on their way to the South Pole. Along the way they’re braving sub-zero temperatures, hard weather conditions, and a gruelling journey. Not only that, they will be only be using cutting-edge clean energy technologies to survive in one of the harshest environments known on Earth. […]

No Waste November

Think of all those coffee cups, plastic straws, washing up bottles, packaging around fruit and vegetables, old clothes and unused cosmetics we throw away every day. Think of all of the energy and resources that went into making them, and the amount of waste they generate in landfill. If everyone reduced the amount they used […]

Introducing the Climate Force Challenge

The South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC) begins on November 15, 2017. Robert Swan and his 23 year-old son Barney, will become the first people in history to ski/walk 600 miles to the South Pole surviving only on renewable energy! Father and son are taking on this extreme physical endeavour to inspire young people, as well […]

‘Jane’ by National Geographic

Can you imagine was life was like for Dr Jane Goodall when, as a 26-year-old woman, she first journeyed to Gombe to begin her research into the chimpanzees that lived there?   She spent many years integrating herself within the chimpanzee troop that lived there, learning about their lives and getting to know each individual. […]