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Author: Aoife Glass

Give hedgehogs a helping hand

Hedgehogs are one our most charismatic species of mammal – who doesn’t love those cute bundles of spines and little black snout rustling through the undergrowth! At this time of year, when the leaves are falling and the seasons are turning, hedgehogs start to see a nice warm, safe place to hibernate over winter, and will […]

Explorer Robert Swan has a message for Roots & Shoots

Explorer Robert Swan OBE is someone who knows all about how far determination and hard work can get you. As the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles, he is also acutely aware of the impact we are having on our planet. He is a Roots & Shoots ambassador, and has […]

Explorer Robert Swan inspires & empowers the next generation

Roots & Shoots Ambassador Robert Swan is a remarkable person and an inspirational speaker. As the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles, completely unassisted, he’s seen first hand the impact climate change is having on our planet, in even the coldest regions of our world. He also knows the power of […]

Autumn-hunter checklist

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it’s a sure sign that autumn is on it’s way and winter won’t be far behind. The changing of the seasons mean lots of changes in nature. Animals get ready to hibernate, the leaves fall from the trees, birds migrate to warmer climates. It’s also a […]

Roots & Shoots UK: summer 2017 Instagram highlights

We’ve rounded up some highlights from our Roots & Shoots Instagram account to share with you. It’s been an amazing summer, with adventures with Dr Jane Goodall, some great projects, activities and talks from Roots & Shoots groups, and of course the amazing Roots & Shoots Annual Summit, which saw representatives from 22 countries meet […]

Some of our favourite Jane Goodall videos

Dr Jane Goodall travels the world spreading her message of hope and empowerment, and encouraging others to change their lives to help people, animals and the environment… …and along the way, she’s made many television, film, video and radio appearances. After all, she is one of the worlds leading conservationists and primatologists. So we’ve gathered […]

Featured activity: Roots & Shoots twinning resources

Our featured activity this week is our BRAND NEW twinning programme! Roots & Shoots is an international organisation, and we want to give groups in the UK the chance to twin with Roots & Shoots groups in Abu Dhabi. There are loads of benefits to getting involved in the twinning programme – students will have the […]

Featured Activity – The Forest Environment

This activity is one of our Forest Activities and is a bite-sized activity about how forests have changed over time. Forests with towering trees and abundant wildlife are a familiar idea, but many forests have changed and are changing over time, due to human activity. This activity is all about how forests have changed, and will introduce the […]

Roots & Shoots at the Wild For Life exhibition in Prague

If we want to end the illegal wildlife trade, we need to change attitudes and motivate people to make informed choices that don’t threaten biodiversity. That’s the aim of Wild for Life, a campaign started in 2016 by UN Environment, and Tara is in Prague to represent Roots & Shoots at the opening of the new Wild […]

Featured activity: Where does your food come from?

This activity is one of our Iceworld Activities, and is about looking at the food we eat and where it comes from – AKA food miles.    The further food travels to get from where it’s grown to our dinner plate, the more energy had gone into moving it – which means more CO2 pumped into […]