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Author: Agent Evans

ACS Hillingdon gets a visit from Dr. Jane!

The middle school students at ACS Hillingdon are involved with Roots & Shoots. Three projects have been the focus this year: Eco-friendly week, helping homeless youth in the local community and a Charity Walk (supporting the vital work of UNICEF, Roots & Shoots and Starlight Children’s Foundation). ACS Hillingdon International School received a Roots & […]

Eco-friendly Week at ACS Hillingdon International School

Recently the middle school students at ACS Hillingdon took part in an event called Eco-friendly Week from November 24-28th, 2008. The purpose of this week was to raise money for ‘Roots and Shoots.’ We also wanted to raise awareness of environmental issues. In order to prepare for the event, the Student Council brainstormed ideas for […]