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Author: Agent Diamond

Sit Still Sundays

A beautiful sunny Sunday in February saw me out in the garden secateurs in hand. I have small stretch of beech and hazel hedge across a part of the garden so like to try and control its height. I don’t prune it but gently lay it so the branched entwine horizontally. Not only does this […]


Today I worked with a young lady whose life so far has left her with a legacy of ‘I want’. So off we went to the beach for a play and a paddle. Being hot and sunny the first thing we encountered was a beetroot red tourist eating ice creams. There was brief ‘I want’ […]

My visit to RSPCA West Hatch

I visited the RSPCA Wildlife Centre at west hatch with my support worker who had rescued a blackbird which had all its primary feathers which help it to fly it had all of them pulled out so it nearly got run over we took it to west hatch where they took the bird in to […]