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Author: Agent Janisch-Howe

Planting a community orchard

Fruit trees provide so much to the community. They give food, protection and a home to a variety of wildlife from tiny insects to birds, they help the environment through carbon sequestration and provide food to humans. As a group, Swindon Saplings wanted to plant some mini community orchards within our local green areas for […]

Providing a house for a Dormouse!

In February, Swindon Saplings Home Ed Group, donated 4 brand new dormice boxes to the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust for one of their dormice monitoring sites. Loss of habitat has been a major factor in the decline of Hazel Dormice, leading to their “vulnerable” status and subsequent protection. Charities are working tirelessly to protect remaining habitats […]

Super Litter Pickers!

Today we held a litter pick at one of our local parks, where we managed to pick up a LOT of rubbish from around the park and car park, helping to keep the local waterways cleaner, helps the local wildlife and makes the area much more enjoyable and safe for others. We started removing the […]

Britain in Bloom Awards 2023

We just wanted to share our achievement following the success with our beautiful wildlife pond. We were nominated by the Tadpole Garden Village in Bloom group for our wildlife plot for the ‘It’s your community’ award at the Britain in Bloom (RHS) awards. Some of us went down to the awards ceremony which took place […]

Owl Pellet Detectives!

We feel it is important to learn more about the world around us in order to learn how we can better protect and preserve it. We recently connected with The Mammal Society and were keen to get involved in their “Searching for Shrews” project. We were invited to be the “pilot study” of a new […]

Swindon Saplings Wildlife Pond – The Grand Reveal!

Swindon Saplings Home Ed Group – Our Wildlife Pond! Back in October, talks began with the committee of Tadpole Garden Village (a local allotment) which unfortunately had an unusable plot due to winter flooding, left looking unsightly and overgrown. Finally, in April, we were ‘handed over’ the plot and given the green light to turn […]