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Author: Agent Gediman

Peace Day at TASIS

On the UN International Day of Peace, TASIS Middle School students gathered outside together to commemorate the yearly Peace Day parade at our school. The students in 5th Grade carried our giant Peace Dove as the song, A Song of Peace, by Teresa Jennings, played on our outside speaker. Each student had made a peace […]


Each year, we are lucky enough to be able to help a farmer by hatching some of his duck eggs for him. He gives us the eggs, and we incubate them. When the ducklings are about three weeks old, we take them back to the farm to live a very happy and free-range life. The […]

TASIS Trip to Romania

For over 20 years, TASIS Upper School students have travelled to Romania to work with children associated with the registered charity, Romanian Children’s Relief  (RCR). RCR has been serving children in need in Romania for over 30 years. RCR works with special needs children who live in small group homes, abandoned babies in the hospital, […]

Roots & Shoots Lower School Club

In our Roots & Shoots after school club this past spring, TASIS Lower School students studied endangered animals and learned many facts about them. We also explored various ways to help change things for a more positive outcome. Even though we did not live close to all of the animals we learned about, we did learn […]

TASIS Romania Service Trip

In February 2023, eighteen Upper School students spent a week in Bistrita, Romania, volunteering to work with the children from the Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR) Program. Our students spent time at a special needs school, in group homes with special needs children, and in an afterschool program for children who benefit from extra support. They […]

TASIS – In Touch with Nature project

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, TASIS students planted a young silver birch tree to commemorate the special day. We were honoured to receive a grant from Roots & Shoots. This tree is a daily reminder of the beauty of trees. We know how they are so important to life, as they produce the oxygen […]

TASIS – In Touch with Nature Project update

The Roots & Shoots Club at TASIS was excited to receive a grant from the Disney Conservation Fund. We are lucky at our school to have a large campus full of trees, grass and plants. Our club members have done many projects in the past, including building a wildlife pond in our garden, constructing an […]

Emily is Awarded the Diana Award

This past February, just before Corona virus became a pandemic, 18 students who are part of our Romanian Children’s Relief Club and our Upper School Roots & Shoots Club, travelled with our school’s annual service trip to Romania. Many of the students, aged between 14 and 18, returned for their second, third and fourth journey. […]

The Arctic and Antarctic Animals- TASIS

Roots & Shoots Wildlife Club members have been learning about two important areas on our planet. The Arctic and Antarctic are both important to the balance of life on our planet. Both of these areas are feeling the effects of climate change. The Arctic is showing big areas of melting ice, which is causing habitat loss […]