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Author: Agent Gediman

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation- Protecting Snow Leopards

Twice a year, Jo Elphick, from David Shepherd Wildlife comes to work with our TASIS Roots & Shoots students. Her speciality is teaching the children about endangered animals, especially those that David Shepherd Wildlife works to help in their native land. This visit was a lesson on snow leopards. These beautiful animals are very endangered, […]

Ducklings! at TASIS

Each year, our Roots & Shoots Wildlife Club hatches ducklings to learn about the unique character of these beautiful creatures. The eggs are donated by Matt at Lower Shaw Farm in Swindon. He also takes the ducklings back when they are a month old, as they are then released to roam freely on his children’s […]

Protecting Antarctic Wildlife and Environment

TASIS students in our Roots & Shoots group recently explored facts about Antarctica, including both wildlife and the physical environment. Their Roots & Shoots leader, Ms. Gediman, recently returned from her third trip to Antarctica. Her trip was an environmental expedition, testing renewable technology in the interior of Antarctica. Her previous trips on the Antarctic […]

New Antarctic post from Tasis!

TASIS Roots & Shoots Wildlife teacher, Wendy Gediman is off to Antarctica for her third time! She goes with Robert Swan, the explorer, environmentalist, and his 2041 Foundation. This expedition is different from the others because it is just a small team of 14 people from around the world, and they are on a mission. […]

TASIS Garden Update

We have come back from a long summer to find that we have a lot of work to do in our garden. We have a plot that is overgrown, and we have begun to clear it. We found the odd vegetable amongst the tangle of growth, and we pulled out some carrots and red onions […]

TASIS and Roots & Shoots South Africa Skype

Our Year 6 class got together on Skype with the Diepsloot Roots & Shoots group. We introduced ourselves, and then we shared some of our projects that we are working on. The South African group is doing a lot of planting, and also learning about animals in need of protection. We discussed some projects that […]

TASIS’s Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR) Summer Update

In May 2015, two TASIS moms and their daughters, aged 12, traveled to Bucharest with their former teacher, Wendy Gediman for a long weekend working with the babies served by Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR). The girls were involved with Ms. Gediman in other Roots & Shoots projects. While the one family moved back to the […]

TASIS Duckling update

Each spring, we hatch ducklings at our school. The ducklings are hatched in Ms. Gediman’s fifth grade (Year 6) classroom, but are shared with the Wildlife Roots & Shoots Club, as well as the entire school. The journey begins with picking up the eggs at Lower Shaw Children’s Farm in Lower Shaw, Swindon. The farmer, […]

David Shepherd Wildlife Visit to TASIS

In May, Jo Elphick, from David Shepherd Wildlife, came to do a lesson with our Wildlife Club on endangered animals. As we had previously studied endangered animals, and made two endangered animal sculptures, we looked forward to hearing about the work that David Shepherd Wildlife does. We learned about pangolins, rhinos, painted dogs, elephants, and […]