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Author: Agent Gediman

TASIS Composting Upgrade!

After successfully composting for the past year, we have finally made a vast improvement to how we compost! We began with a compost bin, but found that it was full by the end of the school year. This caused a problem with how we were going to deal with our daily intake of food from […]

TASIS Roots & Shoots Wildlife Update

The Roots & Shoots Wildlife Club at TASIS has been very busy. After celebrating International Peace Day back in September, our club members decided that next year we want all 750 students at our school to take part in the celebration. This includes students aged 3 to 18! We will also ask all teachers and […]

Upper School Roots & Shoots starts at TASIS

TASIS Upper School students have joined in with the Lower School to form a new Roots & Shoots Club. The new club not only works on projects with the younger students, but will also meet regularly to design projects of their own. These projects will include helping to improve life on our 46 acre campus […]

TASIS Wildlife Roots & Shoots Peace Day 2015

TASIS Wildlife Roots & Shoots Club celebrated the UN International Day of Peace, on 21 September. The children constructed a giant peace dove, no mean feat! Luckily, one of the students in the Upper School wants to be an engineer, and was able to help put together the wire frame beautifully! Then, they covered the […]

Romania TASIS update

Teacher Wendy Gediman regularly takes Upper School students to Romania for service trips. She was recently asked to take two students who were in her fifth grade (Year 6) class last year to Romania this year. One of the girls also had her sister come along, who was in 8th grade (Year 9). The girls’ […]

TASIS EarthDay 2015

Wildlife Club has had a busy spring term. Besides hatching seven beautiful ducklings, we had a wonderful visit from Kim Hale and Tiffany Cavanagh, from David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. The theme of the visit was Earth Day 2015. For this occasion, we did work ahead of the visit and agreed that while it is wonderful […]

TASIS Duckling Update

TASIS Wildlife Club has hatched 7 ducklings! Of course, it is important that we are responsible in our doing this project, so we have partnered with a wonderful children’s farm, Lower Shaw Farm in Swindon. The farm has provided us with some eggs, and we put them in our incubator. After about a week, we […]

TASIS Wildlife Club Spring Update

TASIS Wildlife Club continued to meet through the cold and wet winter. Our main focus was learning more about how the world is interconnected, and therefore how important it is to build up the sustainability of our school community. At a school like ours, it is more challenging, as the children tend to only stay […]