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Author: Agent Gediman

TASIS EarthDay 2015

Wildlife Club has had a busy spring term. Besides hatching seven beautiful ducklings, we had a wonderful visit from Kim Hale and Tiffany Cavanagh, from David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. The theme of the visit was Earth Day 2015. For this occasion, we did work ahead of the visit and agreed that while it is wonderful […]

TASIS Duckling Update

TASIS Wildlife Club has hatched 7 ducklings! Of course, it is important that we are responsible in our doing this project, so we have partnered with a wonderful children’s farm, Lower Shaw Farm in Swindon. The farm has provided us with some eggs, and we put them in our incubator. After about a week, we […]

TASIS Wildlife Club Spring Update

TASIS Wildlife Club continued to meet through the cold and wet winter. Our main focus was learning more about how the world is interconnected, and therefore how important it is to build up the sustainability of our school community. At a school like ours, it is more challenging, as the children tend to only stay […]

Update on TASIS Compost Project

TASIS Wildlife Club members worked hard to put their composting plan into action. Students met with the Head of the Lower School to set a date to present our Powerpoint to the whole Lower School. This would explain to everyone why we felt the need for out school to begin composting, and how this would […]

TASIS Update Autumn

Our Wildlife Club has been working hard on their Design For Change UK project. The club members thought up a positive change to benefit our school. We came up with composting! This involves bringing in a lunch time composting program to help reduce food waste in the Lower School. Besides putting the uneaten food into […]

TASIS Autumn Update

TASIS Wildlife Club met for the first time last week for the new school year. The students are all eager to work on a variety of projects. We began discussing our plans. These include working in our garden to maintain our wildlife pond, beginning new projects in the garden, working on our Design For Change […]

TASIS Summer Update

Wildlife Club just completed a project that taught the students a lot about how a duck develops and grows. Not only did we get to watch the egg go through different stages by candling it each week, but once the ducklings were hatched, we got to see how each one is really unique! We were […]

TASIS โ€“ Fox Visit

As TASIS Wildlife students continue their studies of wildlife around Britain, Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue came to visit. A three week old baby fox was brought along. This fox is an orphan, and is being cared for around the clock by a volunteer from Harper Asprey. Nicki stopped by with the baby fox to teach […]

TASIS Upper School service trip to Romania

During the week of 9-16 February 2014, 15 TASIS American School students spent a week taking part in a service trip in Romania. These students are aged 14 through 18. The purpose of this trip was to bring donations and time to benefit the children served by Romanian Children’s Relief, an American/Romanian NGO. Our school […]