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Author: Agent Csatádi

No Waste November

We wanted to participate in this great event but instead of taking a pledge we focused on showing the children several ways they can reduce the amount of waste they produce, in the hope that the families would be able to stick to some of the practices. Below are a few examples: No waste shops. […]

Our Bug Hotel

A couple of years ago we sowed wildflower seeds to help pollinators around our garden. See the Mission Update here. This year we set out to create a home for these insects. Most of the European pollinator species are solitary bees. These harmless insects are crucial for pollinating domestic and wild crops but unlike honey bees […]

World Toilet Day 2019

Following our ‘tradition’ we celebrated World Toilet Day in 2019 again. We provided the children with ingredients for our all so famous ‘poo cakes’ and this year we haven’t forgotten the sugar. This way this year children – that could stomach it – could actually eat their poo cakes. The ingredients were cocoa powder, sugar, […]


Halloween is getting increasingly popular in the UK and an estimated 10 million pumpkins are being grown for carving. Unfortunately half of these pumpkins end on landfills on the 1st November without their flesh cooked or at least being composted. This year we wanted the children to experience how pumpkins can be given back to […]

Allotment fun

We love getting our hands dirty so this autumn we decided to do it together. A group member has already rented an allotment and this is where we will grow produce together. We want the children to learn to love the soil, to see the magic of a plant growing out of a tiny seed, […]

We made Ecobricks!

Following our trip to the Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre we decided to focus on the rubbish that doesn’t get recycled as this amounts to over half of the households’ waste. We learnt that some councils get the waste incinerated to create energy, however the borough we live in unfortunately just sends this waste to a […]

Recycling Discovery Centre visit

The average household in the UK produces more than a shocking tonne of waste every year. Put together, this comes to a total of 25 million tonnes per year (data from 2014)*, equivalent to the weight of three million double-decker buses, a queue of which would go around the world two. Four fifth of this amount is produced in […]


4.5 billion people don’t have access to a safe toilet. 892 million people practise open defecation. 1.8 billion people use water that can be contaminated with faces. Us, living in developed countries are privileged in so many ways we don’t even think about. To help the children acknowledge this, we set up an activity for […]

Making bird food

Who doesn’t like watching wild birds in their garden?! As winter drew closer we wanted to help birds prepare for the months of lack of food. On a November Monday we bought some simple items such as: – paper cups – string – seeds (sunflower and mixed) and mealworms – block of lard We talked […]