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Activities, missions and worksheets for you and your students

Nature to the rescue

In this resource your group will look into the benefits nature can have on your physical and mental health. We’ll also bust some myths along the way. In this activity you and your students will: Research what are known benefits of getting out into nature. Learn about mindfulness and how we can use it to […]

Circle of life

This resource is all about the circular economy – a system where nothing is wasted. All products and materials used to make them are maintained, reused, recycled or composted in order to support humanity and nature at the same time. In this activity you and your students will: learn about the circular economy look into […]

Planet in Crisis

Climate change is about more than a change in weather patterns. As climates change the creatures that live in them also have to adapt, move on or die. The climate crisis and biodiversity loss are closely linked – Planet Earth is in crisis!


Farming on land (agriculture) is familiar to everyone, but not all young people will have heard of its water-based equivalent, aquaculture. Just like agriculture, the environmental impact of aquaculture varies depending on which species are being farmed and the methods used.  In this activity you and your students will: Compare and contrast the environmental impact […]

Commercial Fishing

It is estimated that 260 million people worldwide are supported by marine fishing. This resource examines the fishing industry and suggests choices that consumers can take to help steer it into more sustainable practices  In this activity you and your students will: Learn about the jobs supported by the fishing industry across the world. Learn […]

Ocean Life

What kind of plants and animals live in our ocean? Why is the life we see in a warm sea like the Indian Ocean different from what we see in a cold sea like the North Atlantic?