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Activities, missions and worksheets for you and your students

Four Reasons for Hope

To celebrate the publication of Jane’s new book, The Book of Hope, we’ve teamed up with Penguin Books on a set of educational activities based on Jane’s Four Reasons for Hope from the book. The Book of Hope teaches us how to find strength in the face of the climate crisis and explains why Jane […]

Roots & Shoots 30: Stickers and email badges

To help you celebrate 30 years of Janes Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, we’ve created a printable sticker sheet for group leaders and members to print, stick and wear and also some email badges you can download and upload to your email signature. The sticker sheet uses the template for the biodegradable stickers from Sheetlabels Downloads: […]

My local trail

This activity is all about exploring your local area to find the best spots to see the wildlife living around you and planning a walk that takes you past all the best spots. Even in the most built up areas there are still spots of green with all sorts of creatures living there, so let’s […]

Journey of wood

By exploring the journey of wood – from the forest to the products we use – children will be learning about types of forests and the trees that grow within them, what different wood is used for, and how it is transported across the world. Covering habitats, sustainability, ethics, human and physical geography, science, English […]

Roots & Shoots 30

Roots & Shoots was founded by Dr Jane Goodall in 1991, so in 2021 we’re celebrating our 30th birthday! We invite you to help us celebrate by looking back at how the world has changed for the better since 1991 and predicting what 2051 will bring. In this activity you and your students will: Research good […]

Gombe 60: Jane’s Story

2020 marks a major milestone for Dr Jane Goodall and the whole Roots & Shoots family around the world. The 14 July will celebrate 60 years to the day since Jane first set foot in what is now the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. She travelled there as a young woman to study the […]

My Local Area Over Time

This activity will encourage students to investigate their local area further by asking local older people who have lived in the area for some time about how the local environment has changed over the years. In this activity you and your students will: Write a questionnaire. Write to, call or visit local older people. Produce […]

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