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These activity ideas are all about looking at forests and woodlands and understanding how they affect Animals, People and the Environment.

Forest Activity 4: Global Forests and TACARE

This activity encourages students to compare European forests with forests in Tanzania, which are currently enduring deforestation. It will give you students an idea of the impacts of deforestation on the environment and people who live and work there, and also the impact that they may have on these forests. It will also show them how they can help.

Forest Activity 3: The Forest Environment

This activity is all about how forests have changed over time. It will introduce the concepts of deforestation and reforestation, and will encourage your class to think about the impacts of both on the environment locally and across the wider world.

Forest Activity 1: Tree People

Forests are used in many different ways; people use them for leisure and fun, and as a resource. This means that there are jobs based around all these things that people do. This activity will encourage students to realise that there are lots of industries based on forests and woodland, with many people working in this area and dependent on forests for jobs.