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Chronobots R00T5 & 5H00T5 are at the Gombe 50th Anniversary celebrations. Chief Agent Jane tells them how things have changed over five decades of hard work. Chronobot 5H00T5 goes back in time to see how things used to be when the project first started, while R00T5 travels forward in time to the Gombe 100th Anniversary celebrations. In the future, R00T5 sees that continued application of the Roots & Shoots programme has ensured a balanced and prosperous life for the people, animals and environment of Gombe. However, back in the past, 5H00T5 has caused the young Chief Agent Jane to lose her notebook! Without the notebook the foundations of Roots & Shoots as we know it may never happen. We need YOUR HELP to piece together the information Jane will need….

All of our activities are free but you can help to support the work of Roots & Shoots in the UK by making a donation, no matter how small. The easiest way to donate to the Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots programme UK online is by using Virgin Money Giving. This can be a one off donation for any amount you want (every pound helps!) or if you prefer you can set up a regular, monthly donation.

Gombe Activity: Mission Briefing Comic

Gombe Mission BriefingThe mission briefing comic sets the stage for the Gombe activity. Find out what happens when Chrono-Bots R00T5 and 5H00T5 attend the Gombe anniversary celebrations…

Gombe Activity: Jane’s Lost Notebook

This activity is all about relating the work that your students carry out to help people, animals and the environment in their local area to the work of the Jane Goodall Institute in Tanazania, particularly in the Greater Gombe Ecosystem, where Dr Jane Goodall started working back in 1960.

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