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The Iceworld imagines a future where the gulf stream has shifted due to climate change, leaving Scotland as a frozen wasteland. The smallest improvement in the rate of climate change today could help, so the more energy we can individually save the better! We have a whole host of activities to help you learn about cold and icy environments, the little ice age in Europe and how to measure and reduce your energy use today to help improve the future.

Iceworld Activity: Teacher’s Notes

The Iceworld Teacher’s Notes gives full background on how Roots & Shoots: Mission Possible works, what has happened to make the future Iceworld happen, and how best to use the activities.   Download the Iceworld Teacher’s Notes »

Who Lives in the Ice? – An Iceworld Activity

Where do people live in cold places in the world today? Who are they, and how do they cope with these extreme environments? Find out who they are and learn about what a day in their life is like.   Download this Activity Sheet »   Image: “Inuit Grandma 1 1995 06 11” by Ansgar Walk […]

What Animals Lived In The Ice Age? – An Iceworld Activity

Thousands of years ago, large parts of the world, including much of the UK, was covered by huge ice sheets. But despite these harsh conditions, many animals still survived. In this activity, students will find out what animals lived during the Ice Ages, how we know, and investigate how they coped with the cold climate. […]

What Animals Live in the Ice Today? – An Iceworld Activity

This activity is about looking at what sort of animals live in cold, icy conditions, and what special adaptations or features they have that allow them to do so. The main things that students should take away from this activity are the differences between these animals and the ones that are native to their own […]