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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

These activities are all about reducing our impact on the environment by reducing the resources we use and the amount of waste we create, reusing things where we can and recyling instead of sending to landfill. There’s lots of great ideas here, why not give them a try!

Circle of life

This resource is all about the circular economy – a system where nothing is wasted. All products and materials used to make them are maintained, reused, recycled or composted in order to support humanity and nature at the same time. In this activity you and your students will: learn about the circular economy look into […]

Water: Audits and Pledges

The average person in the UK uses a massive 153 litres of water per day. A lot of this goes on washing and flushing toilets, and a lot is wasted through dripping taps, overfilled kettles and inefficient appliances. This activity helps students discover where water is used in the home and what they can do to reduce the amount that is used.