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Stories that we think you’ll find interesting and inspiring

Springtime and wildlife babies

Spring is a time of new beginnings, when many plants and animals reawaken after slumbering through winter. There are lots of signs of spring, and one of the most recognisable is the arrival of new baby animals. From lambs and chicks to hoglets and badger cubs, these beautiful new animals will soon be welcomed into […]

Our favourite wildlife documentaries

We love sitting down to watch a great nature documentary. While it’s never quite as good as seeing wildlife in real life, documentaries are brilliant for taking us to places and seeing animals, insects and plants that we might not otherwise have the opportunity to, and learn about them as well as seeing spectacular footage. […]

Celebrating our ancient trees

Did you know that the oldest tree in the UK is thought to be over 2,000 years old? And since trees can live for thousands and thousands of years, it might be even older than that. Can you imagine all the things that have happened while the tree has been alive? Romans would have built […]

How does wildlife in Britain cope with winter?

Temperatures are low, there’s ice in the puddles, and the countryside has turned to muted monochrome colours. It’s easy to think that nature is asleep and hiding, but there’s a surprising amount of activity still going on even if you can’t see it. Wildlife in Britain has to cope with rain and snow and ice […]

10 tips for a no-plastic Christmas

We all know that plastic in the environment is a huge problem. We’re all working hard to cut down on single use plastic in everyday life, but it can get extra hard at Christmas. There’s just so much of it about! Packaging from Christmas food, plastic film around Christmas gifts and toys, decorations made of […]

How to help wildlife over winter

What can you do to help wildlife cope with the cold temperatures and short, dark days of winter when food is scarce? Plenty! 1. Leave a patch of your garden wild Letting a small area of your garden go wild over winter will help many different animals. Invertebrates such as insects and spiders will have […]

Low-waste eco-friendly gifts

Whether you’re looking for gifts for Christmas, eco-friendly birthday presents or just something for the environmentally-minded people in your life, have a look at our list of suggestions.  While getting presents is nice, it’s also true that we consume a lot and there’s so much that we get that we don’t really need or use. […]

Top tips for a sustainable Christmas

We love Christmas! Cold weather, mince pies, winter walks and lots of time spent with family and friends. It’s a happy season, with presents and decorated trees and lots of tasty food. It can also be a season that produces an awful lot of waste and uses a lot of energy. Happily, there are plenty […]

Helping people in the cold and snow

Snow can mean different things to different people. For lots of us, it can be a good thing. If covers the ground, turning everything magical and white. It can mean that schools are closed so there’s an extra day to play outside and have fun, building snowmen. It can mean time to throw snowballs and make igloos […]

Get your garden winter wildlife ready!

Cold weather, icy temperatures, lots of rain (and maybe snow), bare trees and frozen ground – winter can be a hard time for animals. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to help wildlife survive and thrive through the winter months so they can emerge full of life in the spring! 1. Leave […]