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Featured School

Each term we highlight the work of one of our member schools.

Featured School – East Coast College

In 2019, some Foundation learners at East Coast College decided to run a fruit and vegetable delivery service to benefit the college community and encourage a healthier diet. This helped the environment because fewer journeys to supermarkets were required, and people ate more fruit and vegetables. The students offered healthy recipe suggestions when they delivered […]

Featured School: Mad Hatters Nursery – never too young to make a positive difference!

Mad Hatters nursery is fortunate enough to have a wonderful outdoor space filled with two beautiful, white rabbits called Marshmallow and Sweetie, as well as lots of children’s toys, swings and Wendy-houses. Looking after the rabbits and any other insects found in the play area is encouraged. Throughout the year the little ones regularly check […]

TASIS England

Every term we like to highlight the work of one particular school. We hope that you can feel inspired by their work and feel encouraged to share your work with us – you never know, you may become the school of the term! This term, we’re concentrating on TASIS England, an international school based near […]