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Mission Updates

Recent updates on current Roots & Shoots missions

NASA invite Edenderry to share observations in #TreeChallenge2021

Edenderry Primary students have been participating in the Globe/NASA #TreeChallenge2021 by creating their own International Padlet to collaborate and share activities globally. Activities the students were involved with include : building a clinometer to measure the heights of trees, mapping tree coverage in their school, identifying trees, taking part in NASA led webinars about satellite […]

Our Micro-Wood !

Our Year 6 working hard to plant the trees and shrubs for their micro-wood. Here are so pictures of our children planting the trees; we are looking forward to watching it grow and see what other insects and animals it encourages into our school grounds.                 The place for our Micro-Wood looks […]

More Soil and Some Seeds

This week, during our sessions, we finished off pulling out the weeds of the top and bottom planters (we are going to return to the middle planter when these two are sorted). We added some more topsoil, chicken manure pellets and planted some seeds. So far we have radishes and spring onions planted. We gave them […]

The Planting Of Our Micro-Wood!

Its has been very exciting for us, here at Goat Lees, as we received a long awaited delivery at the end of April. Way back, before the Covid lockdowns began, we applied for the possibility of being selected to receive some trees and shrubs from the Free Trees for Schools Appeal. The Year 6  pupils […]

Wellbeing Garden

Students at East Coast College have been working on the creation of a Wellbeing Garden that will benefit people, the environment and animals. The Brickwork students have been clearing an area of refuse and have been digging trenches to make pathways. The Enterprise students have grown bee and butterfly plants for the garden which will […]

Dovelands Primary School – In Touch with Nature Project update

We will be using the funding to develop planting within the school garden and around the school site (boundary fencing). Around the site, we will be planting hedging to both provide privacy but also promote gardening amongst the children.  Within the school garden, we will continue to develop existing planting (trees and shrubs) but also […]