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Mission Updates

Recent updates on current Roots & Shoots missions

Nature Photography

To support our children in engaging in the outdoor environment, we did a session on nature photography. We explored a variety of angles and shots, photographing things we thought were beautiful and interesting. It enabled the children to slow down and develop a greater attention to detail, noticing things they perhaps hadn’t spotted before. Here […]

Call to Earth Day at Moreton

On November 8th, Moreton Hall School organized a Call to Earth Day event to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. The day was filled with various activities to engage the students in eco-friendly practices and encourage them to take action towards a sustainable future. One of the highlights of the day was […]

Our ‘Togetherness’ Willow Dome

During the planning of our school Creativity Week, we decided that a special area for ‘togetherness’ would be welcome by all ages of pupils across our school. With this in mind, planning went underway for the creation of a living Willow Dome, a sustainable green area, which could be used for lessons and play times […]

National Honey Show Success!!

The Ysgol Clywedog Bee Team have returned from the National Honey Show buzzing with success. The team scored: Highly Commended for their jars of Clear Honey. Whilst Lilly Blackwell (Year 11) picked up two Second Place  Awards for her poetry and art relating to bees. These were tremendous successes for our first time on a […]

Butterfly Totem Pole Damers First School

Damers First School have unveiled an amazing Butterfly Totem Pole in their school grounds overlooking the Great Field on Poundbury. The wooden, carved Butterfly Totem Pole came about through an Art Exhibition the school took part in with Poundbury Arts organised by Judy Tate. The Exhibition was called It’s up to Us, after a book […]

Pumpkins Damers First School

The school grew pumpkins with enough for each class to have one each. Each class choose what to do with their pumpkin from carving and making a soup or roasting the pumpkins to taste. The children learned about food waste and the effects it has on climate change.

Streets Alive Dorchester Damers First School

Dorchester Transport Action Group (DTAG) with support from Dorchester Town Council and Sustrans organised a No Car Day Event at Acland Road Carpark on Friday 22nd September 2023. No Car Day was celebrated across the world to highlight the effects cars are having on climate change and air quality. The Acland Road Carpark was closed […]