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Mission Updates

Recent updates on current Roots & Shoots missions

Dorchester to Poundbury Cycle Route

Damers Eco Crew have been working with Jon from Sustrans to look at the Air Quality around the school. The children have put up diffusion tubes that will monitor how good the air quality is outside the school, School Grounds and inside Classrooms. The tubes will be sent to a science lab to be analysed […]

Dorset COP Event

Two members of Damers Eco Crew represented the school at the Dorset COP event which was being held at the Corn Exchange, Dorchester on Saturday 9th September. Dorset Cop was a chance for organisations across Dorset to link together to promote Climate Action from the key stakeholders. The children spoke passionately about our eco campaigns […]

Goat Lees Exciting Updates!

Over the past few months, we have been very lucky to be involved in some very exciting projects. Firstly, we have been extremely successful with our can and scrap metal recycling with EMR Ashford (EMR is one of the world’s leading metal recyclers with locations across the globe). To-date, we have raised over £1,600, which […]

Our Recycling Campaigns!

Here at Goat Lees, we take recycling very seriously and are always on the lookout for interesting recycling schemes. Obviously, we make sure we are recycling everything we can, day-to-day: paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, ink and printer cartridges, cooking oil from our school kitchens, batteries and old PC equipment. Over the past year or so, […]

Having Fun Doing Good at the Eton Action Fair

Written by Thomas G. Year 11 Dr. Goodall’s Roots & Shoots initiative encourages young people to take practical action to foster positive change for people, animals and the environment. Eton boys came out in force at this year’s Eton Action Fair on Saturday 16 September to do just that, raising more than £30,000 for five […]

How the Roots & Shoots Disney grant made a difference in 2021 and 2022

 Project: Gombe 60 – In Touch with Nature  *Participating Roots & Shoots schools & groups:  ‘Andover Youth Shoots’ (now called ‘Nature in Harmony Exchange Project’) – Andover CofE Primary School – Harrow Way Community School – Portway Junior School – Vernham Dean Gillums Primary School – Appleshaw St Peters Primary School  Project Aims:  This project […]

Passion for the planet

Our talented art students have been making protest figures as part of a  Mole Valley arts council project. There work has been displayed within the community showing how young people can tackle the issues of sustainability, Ecology and care for the Earth.  The students really enjoyed making the figures and their diversity shows how we […]

The orchard that wasn’t

Tree planting project of the Wirral Home Education Roots & Shoots group Our group, consisting of home educating parents and their children could not have been happier for being chosen by Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots for its tree planting funding from Disney. The brainstorming process of choosing and the planning the project was fun […]

Greatham Village Nursery ‘In Touch with Nature’ project

The Disney Grant money was used to add more plants and shrubs to the back playing area so that the children could enjoy watching them grow. More meshing was placed over the pond area, and pond-friendly shrubs were allowed to grow more naturally and not cut back, to help the children understand how leafy vegetation can act as a […]

Mad Hatter’s ‘In Touch with Nature’ project

Mad Hatter’s used the grant money to buy some planters and plant herbs for the children to watch grow, and then experiment using the herbs during cooking classes in the nursery. Strawberry and blueberry plants were also planted next to an area that was strategically left to go wild as a way to encourage more bees and pollinating insects […]