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Mission Updates

Recent updates on current Roots & Shoots missions

Greatham Village Nursery – In Touch with Nature Project update

Greatham nursery already has a pond area along with quite a few trees in their back play area, but the nursery would love to create a wild area with wildflowers, a log roll and a bug hotel at the front of the nursery to encourage more wildlife into the green areas. This way the children would be able to watch and learn […]

Mad Hatter’s Nursery School – In Touch with Nature Project update

Mad Hatter’s is using the grant money to encourage more hedgehogs into the children’s play area. Mrs Chiverton would like to plant more hedgerow and a couple of willow trees to make a willow tunnel. Barry, Mrs Chiverton’s husband, will build a hedgehog house (to save cost) and if any money was to be left over they would add more […]

TASIS – In Touch with Nature Project update

The Roots & Shoots Club at TASIS was excited to receive a grant from the Disney Conservation Fund. We are lucky at our school to have a large campus full of trees, grass and plants. Our club members have done many projects in the past, including building a wildlife pond in our garden, constructing an […]

Lowestoft Campus East Coast College – In Touch with Nature Project update

* The Wellbeing Garden at East Coast College Foundation has been given an area of the grassy quad to call our own and students have decided they would like to benefit people, the environment and animals in the design and content of the Wellbeing Garden. We purchased the following things: 4 fruit trees at a cost of approximately […]

Accrington St Christopher’s Church of England High School – In Touch with Nature Project update

* Our Jubilee Garden As the school celebrates its sixtieth year of education, we are proud this coincides with Dr Jane’s jubilee anniversary of the publication of her 1960 study of wild chimpanzees in what is now Tanzania was a breakthrough in primate research. What better way than creating an area where teachers can easily […]