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Mission Updates

Recent updates on current Roots & Shoots missions

Global Goals Group Litter Pick

Our Global Goals group worked together with the local ranger to collect litter in our local woodland area, Arnhall Moss. We were really surprised at just how much we found. We found over 60 cigarette butts! We also put up posters to remind people to ‘give their litter a lift’ and take it home. Fingers […]

Damers First School – Chickens

Over the Easter Holidays a chicken coop and run was built read for five different coloured chickens that will be arriving over the bank holiday weekend. Each year group will look after their own chicken. The whole school is very excited to meet their new feathered friends! The chicken coop and run was partly funded […]

World Penguin Day Today

To celebrate World Penguin Day today, 25th April 2019, in our workshop this morning the children and I went on an imaginary trip to the Galapagos islands to learn about the only type of penguin that lives naturally in the northern hemisphere, the Galapagos Penguin. These cold-loving black and white birds living by the Equator […]

Discovering plastic waste

We had a very exciting afternoon, we were hunting for nurdles! We were lucky to have in our lovely Eco visitor,Gill in. She brought with her a range of objects that were picked from a beach clean, up at Hurst Spit. The children took out all the plastic, then adding water to thier bowls. They […]