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Mission Updates

Recent updates on current Roots & Shoots missions

Saving Water!

After a visit from Severn Trent Water about ways in which we could conserve and recycle water, we were inspired! When it came to watering our young plants in our pollination station, we realised we needed a reliable water supply!  This got us thinking about harvesting rainwater and how we could create a sustainable supply […]

Super Litter Pickers!

Today we held a litter pick at one of our local parks, where we managed to pick up a LOT of rubbish from around the park and car park, helping to keep the local waterways cleaner, helps the local wildlife and makes the area much more enjoyable and safe for others. We started removing the […]

Liphook Infant School ‘In Touch with Nature’ project

Liphook Infant School has used the grant money for their forest school activities which has enhanced the children’s understanding of outdoor play. Funds were spent on buying more equipment for the roundhouse area where many outdoor activities are held and played. Fire pits were also created.     The ‘nature school’ forest area is a wonderful place for […]

Britain in Bloom Awards 2023

We just wanted to share our achievement following the success with our beautiful wildlife pond. We were nominated by the Tadpole Garden Village in Bloom group for our wildlife plot for the ‘It’s your community’ award at the Britain in Bloom (RHS) awards. Some of us went down to the awards ceremony which took place […]

Owl Pellet Detectives!

We feel it is important to learn more about the world around us in order to learn how we can better protect and preserve it. We recently connected with The Mammal Society and were keen to get involved in their “Searching for Shrews” project. We were invited to be the “pilot study” of a new […]

The wonderful world of bees

As part of the project “Let’s bring nature back”, our Green Team hosted a bee workshop led by Leicestershire’s Master-beekeeper Dr C. Breadsmore. Our students learnt about the importance of bees and how it is now vital to protect them. Students and staff alike were mesmerised by the wonderful world of bees and pledged to […]

Corn Flower Farm

Moreton Hall’s Corn Flower Farm is a place where compassion, sustainability, and education come together harmoniously. In 2020, this school farm began its journey with the rescue of two orphaned lambs, Eddie and Shawn, who have now grown into sturdy 3-year-olds. Since then, the farm has flourished, not only in terms of its animal residents […]

A Big Push On Our Composting

Since coming back from the lovely long break over the summer, the new Year 6 Class have been working hard to promote composting within school. In their Science and Topic lessons, they have been studying how natural materials break down in to compost and the importance of how the many different decomposers help in this […]

West Gate School fruits

Students have had great fun whilst working really really hard to plant up our fruits area on the school allotment. Since March this year we have worked very hard every Thursday to plant our lovely apple tree…. and harvested one apple this year! And after planting our little blackberry bush, after summer, we harvested a […]