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Mission Updates

Recent updates on current Roots & Shoots missions

Eco-friendly Week at ACS Hillingdon International School

Recently the middle school students at ACS Hillingdon took part in an event called Eco-friendly Week from November 24-28th, 2008. The purpose of this week was to raise money for ‘Roots and Shoots.’ We also wanted to raise awareness of environmental issues. In order to prepare for the event, the Student Council brainstormed ideas for […]

Priestlands Eco Warriors

Our project is to steer Priestlands and the school community towards a more sustainable future. The process began in March 2006 when we registered the school as an Eco School and since then the scope of the project has grown as have the number of people within the community who are involved. As part of […]

Roots and Shoots Community Learning Week

St. Michael’s Primary School, Bournemouth Hello, We are a primary school of about four hundred 4-11 year olds in the centre of town, and last July the whole school took a week away from the normal timetable to run a project. This was so that the messages of Roots and Shoots would have a big […]

Rosemellin Woodland Rangers

Rosemellin Primary School, Camborne. Project run by Agent Norris and her year 5 class a.k.a. the “Rosemellin Woodland Rangers”. Other people involved: The National Trust Cornwall Wildlife Trust Cornwall Environmental Consultants Agent Lambert, Project Coordinator, Camborne Science & Community College Aims: To design and develop a woodland ecological site on the school premises using the […]

Wasteland to Wildlife Garden

Chesterton Community College, Cambridge. We have been developing our school wasteland into a wildlife community garden for 2 years. The new garden has improved the school environment, created facilities for birds and wildlife. It offers a safe and peaceful space for members of the public to enjoy. We applied for various grants and received money […]

Trinity Field Schools and Resource Centre, Rhynnda Cynon Taff – Mission Update!

The school cares for children with severe disabilities. They have been educating the children about British Wildlife. This is at a very basic level but is very successful with the children who search in the grass for critters and are learning how to identify the differences between insects, birds and mammals. The project is going […]

Tasis, Surrey – Romanian Children’s Relief! + Mission Updates!

Wendy has been taking students to Romania, with her to help with Romanian Children’s Relief. Two of the students that she took in June, helped care for abandoned babies and a group of Romanian children. The project had been started by a former Tasis student. The school has done charitable work for Redwings Horse Sanctuary. […]

Ringwood School, Hampshire – Mission Update!

Some of the children are doing individual projects, whether on animals, fungi, plants. The school has a climate change garden which educates the children about being aware of climate change and its affects on the environment. The garden includes native plants and vegetables which they are selling at the school gates. They are currently building […]