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The new Natural History GCSE

Roots & Shoots is passionate about helping young people make a difference for people, animals and the planet, so we’re very excited about the new Natural History GCSE that’s just been launched. Now more than ever, young people should have the opportunity to connect with nature, and we hope What and when The new Natural […]

Spring nest spotting

Spring is the time of year that many birds and other creatures build nests, because it’s also the time of year that they find a partner to reproduce with. Nests mean eggs and baby creatures, and are brilliant for learning more about animal and insect behaviour.  Nest spotting is an excellent thing to do when […]

Climate Action book by Georgina Stevens

Dear Roots & Shoots members, We are delighted to recommend the book below, and all our members get a a 30% discount, so don’t forget to apply at checkout (further info below). Are you looking for ideas to inspire a classroom of primary age children on climate crisis around Earth Day? Talk with them about […]

‘Will Mr Sloth Save the Forest’ – Re-educating Earthlings

We are delighted to recommend Mattea Pauc’s ‘Will Mr Sloth Save the Forest’. Join Mr. Sloth and his forest friends on their quest to end deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. This inspiring picture book highlights how, with a little teamwork, hope and indigenous knowledge, anything is achievable. Here is why Mattea was inspired to create […]

Eyes of Extinction by Ariya Agarwal

Ariya Agarwal is an inspirational writer at a young age. Her love for animals has motivated her to speak out on their behalf and to raise awareness about their treatment. We are delighted to recommend her first book to you. ‘Eyes of Extinction’: “My name is Ariya, and I am 13 years old. Even though […]

How to help our friends in Ukraine

It’s impossible not to be aware of the terrible things happening right now in Ukraine. These are troubling times, but we are all united by our desire to help our friends and Roots & Shoots sisters and brothers. We’ve collected together some resources, connections, links and ideas.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything, but […]

Springtime and wildlife babies

Spring is a time of new beginnings, when many plants and animals reawaken after slumbering through winter. There are lots of signs of spring, and one of the most recognisable is the arrival of new baby animals. From lambs and chicks to hoglets and badger cubs, these beautiful new animals will soon be welcomed into […]

Our favourite wildlife documentaries

We love sitting down to watch a great nature documentary. While it’s never quite as good as seeing wildlife in real life, documentaries are brilliant for taking us to places and seeing animals, insects and plants that we might not otherwise have the opportunity to, and learn about them as well as seeing spectacular footage. […]

Celebrating our ancient trees

Did you know that the oldest tree in the UK is thought to be over 2,000 years old? And since trees can live for thousands and thousands of years, it might be even older than that. Can you imagine all the things that have happened while the tree has been alive? Romans would have built […]