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Join Dr Jane Goodall online to celebrate Darwin Day!

Join Dr Jane Goodall and a selection of the world’s top conservationists to celebrate Darwin Day 2023! Darwin Day takes place on November 12th, and celebrates the birthday of Charles Darwin. Darwin is one of the most significant figures in natural sciences; his work ‘On the Origin of Species’ put forward the theory of evolution […]

Let’s reduce waste! No Waste November 2023

Are you ready to reduce waste? It’s time for our annual Roots & Shoots No Waste November, which is all about raising awareness about excess waste and encouraging its reduction. We’ve got lots of advice, guidance, hints, tips and motivation to help you – and your family, friends, school mates and colleagues – waste less […]

What is Sustainable Development?

Have you heard the term Sustainable Development? It’s used often, in lots of different contexts, but what does it actually mean, why is it important, and what work is being done towards it? The United Nations (or UN) define sustainable development as ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of […]

Peace Day at Thomas Buxton Primary School

On Thursday 21st September, Thomas Buxton hosted an International Peace Day celebration on behalf of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme. During the week of the 18th September, the children at Thomas Buxton learnt about International Peace Day and the work of the UN. The children thought about how they could create peace in their […]

Peace Day at TASIS

On the UN International Day of Peace, TASIS Middle School students gathered outside together to commemorate the yearly Peace Day parade at our school. The students in 5th Grade carried our giant Peace Dove as the song, A Song of Peace, by Teresa Jennings, played on our outside speaker. Each student had made a peace […]

Peace Day Procession in Harmony Woods

Andover Trees United held another Peace Day procession in our community planted woodland, Harmony Woods. Since 2018 we have celebrated this day alongside Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots and 100s of other individuals and organisations around the world.  Dr Jane Goodall is a UN ambassador for peace and world-leading primatologist who founded the global youth […]

Let’s talk Drinkable Thames

We are delighted to share this opportunity with you – from 17 September until 17 October 2023, join Li An and Maarten who will walk 350 kilometres from the source of the Thames in the Cotswolds, to its mouth in the North Sea. During the walk, they will engage with local people, school children, farmers, […]