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Back to school the greener way: eco-friendly tips

The long days of the summer holidays are drawing to a close, and it’s time to assemble pencil cases, lunch boxes and uniforms, and get ready to see our school friends again. The new school year is nearly here! And if you’re looking to make a few changes to make school a bit more environmentally […]

Summer holiday ideas

With long weeks stretching out over the summer holidays, it’s time to plan some adventures and activities that are fun AND help people, animals and the environment. So get creative, go on a wildlife safari, have an adventure with your friends, read some inspirational books, and have fun! 1. Start a wildlife book club There […]

Celebrate your #ChimpanzeeConnection this World Chimpanzee Day

On the fifth anniversary of World Chimpanzee Day, we want you to join us in celebrating the ways chimpanzees are connected to us, other wildlife and the natural world.  A chimpanzee celebration Every year on the 14th July, people around the world unite to celebrate the value, complexity and importance of chimpanzees, our closest living […]

Tell us how we can improve Roots & Shoots UK

Dear Members, We value your opinion highly. As a result, it is important that we continue to meet your needs and requirements. We are therefore sharing this questionnaire with you.  It will only take a short time to complete but will greatly help us to improve the product and service that we offer you.  The […]

What causes whale and dolphin strandings?

Whales, dolphins and porpoises are beautiful, mysterious and intelligent animals that populate seas and oceans all around the planet. And sometimes, they get stranded on the shore. This can be tragic, since many die in such strandings, but with the right action if you find a stranded cetacean and act quickly, you might be able […]

Celebrate Earth Day 2023 with Roots & Shoots

Earth Day is an important day for taking action and using our voices to help save our precious planet. There are lots of things you can do to help, and there are many activities and resources on our website that can help you, from writing to local businesses and politicians to organising a litter pick, […]

Children’s TV series ‘Jane’ is launching tomorrow!

The Jane Goodall Institute has partnered with Apple TV+ and Sinking Ship Entertainment to launch the children’s television series ‘Jane’ The show launches tomorrow, 14th April on Apple TV+, described as “A new 10-episode mission-driven series for kids and families inspired by the work of Dr. Jane Goodall.”  We are very excited to share with you […]

The problem with wet wipes

They’re convenient, they’re everywhere, and we use them for lots of different purposes, but wet wipes are a huge problem for our environment. That’s why many countries are considering banning wet wipes that contain plastic. But what exactly is the problem with them? What are wet wipes, and why are they an issue? Wet wipes […]