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Celebrating our incredible founder – Dr Jane Goodall!

On the 3rd of April 2023 Dr. Jane Goodall will be celebrating her 89th birthday! She is an incredible, inspirational woman who has inspired and motivated millions of people around the globe to live in greater harmony with nature and to take positive action on behalf of the planet we all share. Image by Vincent Calmel On […]

Conserving the beauty of the night sky

Have you ever been anywhere where the sky is so dark at night you can see hundreds, even thousands, of stars, all twinkling away against the deep black background? Maybe you’ve seen the Milky Way like a strip of glittering points of light stretch across the darkness? In our modern world with floodlit sports fields […]

All about frogs

One of our favourite signs of spring is the appearance of frogspawn. These beautiful little glistening globes are not only a sign that there are frogs living nearby, but also that the environment is healthy enough for them to reproduce and, if all goes well, that there will be more frogs in the future! The […]

Discovering the wildlife along our canals

Did you know that the UK has around 4,700 miles of canals? These man-made waterways were once used to transports goods all over the country, with a criss-crossing network that spanned from North Scotland to the South Coast of England, and from coast-to-coast East to West. And while they aren’t used for now for their […]

The unique habitats that exist in the UK

When you think of rare habitats, rich in wildlife and under threat, do you think of South American rainforests and Australian coral reefs? These are indeed spectacular, precious and irreplaceable habitats, but did you know that the UK has some incredible habitats as well? They may not be as famous, or as photogenic in some […]

New Years resolutions to help you and the planet

The start of a new year is a time of hope and renewal, but it can also come with a lot of pressure. From social media to advertising, there are messages from all sides that are telling us to do more, travel more, buy more, work more, spend more, exercise more…and more and more and […]

Global environmental 2023 dates for your diary

At Roots & Shoots UK, you are part of something big – a global movement of young people dedicated to creating positive change for people, animals and the environment. And if you’re looking to take part in major events, or channel your actions around particular themes or topics, you could choose to get involved in […]

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Winter 2022 Newsletter

Dear Members, As we rapidly approach the end of yet another year, I am reminded about my last welcome note on the celebration of Her Majesty’s Jubilee. Sadly, only a few months later, we lost our remarkable Queen. An individual who truly represented a timeless figure for our Nation and who, in an impossible way, we all hoped would live forever. Now, […]

Top tips for a sustainable Christmas

We love Christmas! Cold weather, mince pies, winter walks and lots of time spent with family and friends. It’s a happy season, with presents and decorated trees and lots of tasty food. It can also be a season that produces an awful lot of waste and uses a lot of energy. Happily, there are plenty […]