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News from Roots & Shoots Mission Control

Featured Individual: Amelia Litherland

Our 2019 Most Outstanding Individual Award Winner. Amelia Litherland has been an animal lover since she was young, saving any injured or distressed wildlife. Even feeding an injured magpie at school, when no sanctuary would take it. She eventually found one and persuaded a teacher to drive over 20 miles to help it! She has […]

Joining our new partner, Montessori, at the Chelsea Flower Show

The largest representative of Montessori education in the UK, Montessori St Nicholas has teamed up with designer Jody Lidgard, to create a Space to Grow show-garden at the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The design of the Montessori Centenary Childrens’ Garden is intended to act as a metaphor for the emphasis Montessori schools give to placing […]

Roseacres Primary School’s amazing bake sale sponsors tree planting in Burundi

Roseacres Primary School held a bake sale on the 12thMarch to raise money for adopting chimpanzees and planting trees in Burundi. After learning about Dr Jane Goodall and the work she does for chimpanzees, the children in Year 3 – 5 decided that they wanted to raise money for them and chose to organise a […]

What causes wildfires?

Intense heat and bright hot flames that consume everything in their path; trees, grass, forests, houses – everything! Wildfires are an awesome and terrifying phenomenon, but what causes them, what can we do to avoid them and what is their impact on the environment? Get crafty and raise money for a good cause What causes […]

Dr Jane’s 85th Birthday!

To honour Dr Jane Goodall, the City of Los Angeles declared her 85th birthday, April 3, 2019, to be “Dr. Jane Goodall Day” and hosted a ceremony where the conservation icon talked about many things including her connection to the city. Her birthday was capped by a dinner gathering hosted by her friend, actor and […]

Join us for SKYPE In the Classroom for a live chat with Dr. Jane!

Hello Roots & Shoots Friends! We’re excited to partner with @SkypeClassroom for TWO FREE LIVE broadcasts with our very own Dr. Jane! Following the broadcast, Dr. Jane will be available to take viewer’s questions via Skype! (More information about submitting questions can be found by visiting the event page linked below! Join us for a […]

Good news stories!

It’s easy to get down about things; bad news seems to be everywhere and it’s hard to stay hopeful. But if you look beyond the doom and gloom, there are actually lots of uplifting stories out there that’ll show that things are getting better, and people have to power to immense good. This selection of […]

Celebrate Dr Jane’s landmark 85th Birthday and help us continue her legacy!

On April 3, our founder Dr. Jane Goodall will celebrate her 85th birthday! With the special day just around the corner, Roots & Shoots around the world will be taking part in Global celebrations. It’s the perfect opportunity to recognise and reflect on years spent helping people, animals and the environment. Please join us in […]