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Around the World: Exciting developments in Bulgaria

This year many of us ‘travelled’ virtually all around the World, even to our home towns. One of our own – Jasmina Georgovska (assistant to our ED) went back to her home country to deliver a Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & Shoots virtual workshop at the Sofia Science Festival organised by the British Council […]

Holme Grange School successfully hosts the 13th Beyond COP21 Symposium

In October, Holme Grange School hosted the 13th Beyond COP21 Symposium with over 100 pupils attending onsite and 4 local schools (Evendons, St Crispin’s, Waverley and St. Teresa’s) attending via ‘Zoom’. Beyond COP21 Symposium contributes a key ingredient as a result of the historic Paris talks: the education and mobilisation of the youth and school […]

Good news wildlife stories to brighten your day

There is good news out there and it’s worth celebrating, especially when it’s about how conservation efforts are succeeding in rebuilding environments, reintroducing animals, boosting wild populations and more.  With so much sad, bad and worrying news out there it’s easy to feel down, like our efforts won’t make any difference, and like there’s no […]

Enter our amazing Gombe 60 creative competition!

60 years ago Dr Jane Goodall first set foot at the Gombe Streams National Park to begin her ground-breaking research into the chimpanzees there. Her work, and the work of the hundreds of conservationists over the decades since, has changed the way we understand and value these amazing animals and the environment they live in.  […]

Take part in our JGI silent Auction ‘A Promise of Hope’ and support JGI’s African programmes

The Jane Goodall Institute’s European offices, lead by JGI Austria, have organised a virtual silent auction with the potential to buy some unique pieces, only on offer at this event.    The auction will run from Friday 20th – Tuesday 24th November 2020. The money raised will go to support JGI’s projects in Africa. Due […]

Roots & Shoots UK launches resources to 20,000 schools across the UK in partnership with the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation

“Our planet is at a crucial moment in history – if we don’t protect the natural world we shall lose all species, including our own.Yet, my biggest reason for hope is the passion and commitment of young people when empowered to take action. The Roots & Shoots UK Resource Boxes will do just that: Filled with really […]

Celebrate Clean Air Day 2020

On the 8th October, people around the world will be celebrating Clean Air Day, and working to help make the air on Planet Earth better for the people, animals and plants that live on it.  The importance of clean air It’s easy to take the air we breathe for granted. We often don’t even think […]