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News from Roots & Shoots Mission Control

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots project in Scotland receives funding from the Big Lottery Fund

  Across Scotland, nearly 140 projects are lucky enough to receive Lottery funding worth over £1m. And Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots SYLVAE project in Scotland is one of them, with its inspiring projects aimed at involving young people who come from challenging social, physical and economic backgrounds. The SYLVAE project aims to improve […]

Kirkwall Grammar School’s Radio Interview

Students Alice Fairnie and Tansy Branscombe from Kirkwall Grammar School were so inspired after hearing Dr Jane Goodall speak in Orkney last Summer that they immediately put into place a Roots & Shoots group at their school. With the support of Angela Drummond, Principal Teacher of Science they initiated their first project  ‘Bag The Bruck’ […]

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Awards 2012

Schools from across the UK were invited to Regent’s Park, London to take part in a prestigious Awards ceremony in the presence of Dr Jane Goodall this week as part of their global Roots & Shoots programme. The event took place at the Zoological Society of London’s headquarters – a charity devoted to the worldwide […]

Stop Trade of Exotic Animals into Inhuman Conditions

Four white lions from a British safari park were found suffering in a Japanese animal circus. The UK’s animal welfare laws should be tightened to prevent this from happening again. Please sign this petition to Ban the Sale of British Zoo Animals to Foreign Circuses. Thank you. the Roots & Shoots Team

How eco is the UK?

This week, the Climate action network of Europe along with Germanwatch have published the “climate change performance Index 2013”,

Hippo bippo!

Today we’re going to talk about hippos, mainly because they’re my favourite animal. Hippos live in Africa, and are the third largest land mammal in the world (behind elephants and rhinos). Hippo poaching (illegal hunting) is not as widely known about as rhino or elephant poaching, but sadly hippos are victims too.

Roots & Shoots Plastic-Run 2012 in Munich, Germany

Hard- working Plastic-Runners begin the Isar-river-cleaning early in the morning, under brightest sunshine. One group stays behind and searches for plastic trash in the rocky river bed. Everyone gets a garbage bag and collects whatever they can find in the gravel or on the shore. The second team is on it’s way in a raft […]

Why do hurricanes happen?

We’ve all seen the terrible pictures that have come out of New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but did you know that the hurricane also bought devastation in Cuba and Haiti?