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Roots and Shoots Year Planner

January: Get your teacher to register themselves on the website at: February: Decide on your activities – People, Animals, Environment. One of your projects must be ongoing. Teachers who have registered can get activity ideas by downloading resources from the web site (you will need a user name and password, so if you haven’t […]

Newsletter – Spring 2008

Dear Roots & Shoots Members, Welcome to 2008. I hope that your New Year has got off to a great start. Although many see January and February as dreary months, the best part of it is that the longest night has passed. In a few weeks time the first signs of Spring will start to […]

2008 Jane Goodall Youth Leadership Award

Do you know of an outstanding young person who has demonstrated skillful leadership in making a difference for people, animals and the environment? If so, send us your nomination for the 2008 Jane Goodall Youth Leadership Award! The Jane Goodall Global Leadership Awards honor organizations and individuals who share Dr. Jane’s values, vision and commitment […]

Dr. Jane Goodall DBE returns to her Cambridge University Roots

Dr. Jane Goodall Ph.D., DBE and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, returns to the University of Cambridge where she earned her PhD. She will be giving a lecture entitled “Reasons for Hope” on December 4th at 4:00 pm in Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Site, off Sidgwick Avenue. The lecture will be followed by a […]

Roots & Shoots Fundraising Month

THANK YOU – to you or your Roots & Shoots Group if you have successfully raised funds or collected donations for Tchimpounga during October. Please send cheques (payable to JGI UK) to: The Jane Goodall Institute, Orchard House, 51-67 Commercial Road, Southampton SO15 1GG. Please mark the envelope ‘Roots & Shoots’. Alternatively, you can go […]

JGI celebrates the Roots & Shoots Peace Day with Charlie Dimmock in Brockenhurst, New Forest

Children in Brockenhurst joined thousands of young people around the world who are heeding Dr. Jane Goodall’s call to express their desire for peace in ceremonies that include the flight of Peace Dove puppets. The children, in a joint initiative with the New Forest Carbon Footprint project, took part in both making and displaying Peace […]


JOIN DR. JANE AND ROOTS & SHOOTS TO CELEBRATE PEACE! An important event in the Roots & Shoots calendar this month is Roots & Shoots Day of Peace, which takes place on Sunday, September 23. It encourages Peace across the globe. Roots & Shoots members participate by planning group projects that promote peace and by […]

World renowned scientist Dr Jane Goodall celebrates a week of Roots & Shoots

In the presence of Dr Jane Goodall herself, St Michael’s primary school undertook a whole week of Roots & Shoots activities in Bournemouth. They are the first school in the UK to devote a full week of lessons and timetable to the Jane Goodall Institute Roots & Shoots education programme joining a network of thousands […]