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News from HQ

News from Roots & Shoots Mission Control

Where is Jane?

Or as we are calling it in 2020 – ‘What’s Jane been up to?’ And the answer is – a whole lot! Dr Jane has traded her normal 300 days of travel schedule for 18 hour working days and a new on-line timetable  –  from writing a new book to virtual Awards, lectures, auctions, meetings […]

New office ‘digs’ for the Roots & Shoots team

The UK team members are no strangers to working from home. But meeting in person and interacting with our partners and members are more important than ever before. For this reason we are so grateful to the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Pall Mall for welcoming us into their office space, creating an area for […]

Our Roots & Shoots Disney grant recipients are putting their exciting plans into action!

Many plans had to be changed this year, many events cancelled, but despite these challenges, our grant recipients are pushing through.  There are many exciting projects being developed. From Dr Jane’s dedicated legacy and sensory gardens, to Gombe celebrations, flora and fauna projects, surveys and activities; tree to fruit and vegetable planting; bug hotels to […]

Christmas is coming….

Presents to buy, cards to write, parcels to wrap – don’t know where to start? Start here – we’ve got gifts for everyone and you’ll be helping JGI, Roots & Shoots and chimps too. These beautiful Christmas cards will add magical charm and uplifting vibes to any displays, whilst contributing to important work around conservation. […]

Holme Grange School successfully hosts the 13th Beyond COP21 Symposium

In October, Holme Grange School hosted the 13th Beyond COP21 Symposium with over 100 pupils attending onsite and 4 local schools (Evendons, St Crispin’s, Waverley and St. Teresa’s) attending via ‘Zoom’. Beyond COP21 Symposium contributes a key ingredient as a result of the historic Paris talks: the education and mobilisation of the youth and school […]

Enter our amazing Gombe 60 creative competition!

60 years ago Dr Jane Goodall first set foot at the Gombe Streams National Park to begin her ground-breaking research into the chimpanzees there. Her work, and the work of the hundreds of conservationists over the decades since, has changed the way we understand and value these amazing animals and the environment they live in.  […]