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Students from ACS Cobham International School, aged six to 18, enjoyed a visit from Dr. Jane Goodall, one of the world’s most famous conservationists and scientists. Internationally recognised for her environmental work and continued research into wild chimpanzees, Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE Founder – the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace gave a presentation […]

We are delighted to announce a new partnership between Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots and Montessori St Nicholas (MSN)

Montessori is the world’s largest global education movement, inspired by Dr Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. It offers a unique child-centred approach to education, used and acclaimed throughout the world. Maria Montessori was one of the most important early years educators of the 20th century, the innovator of classroom practices and ideas which have […]

Get your Rhino Christmas cards now and help Roots & Shoots too!

Diana Littlejohns, creator of Doodles with my Daughter: “Only very few rhinos survive outside national parks and reserves today as a result of relentless poaching and habitat loss. A sub-species of Asian rhino, Javan, became extinct in Vietnam in 2011 and in Africa, the northern white rhino and western black rhino have recently gone extinct in […]

Our exciting Global Windsor Castle Gathering 2018

During the summer holidays, the annual gathering of inspiring, young individuals from all over the world, took place at the beautiful and historic St George’s House, Windsor Castle. With representatives from 24 countries, days were spent getting to know one anther, brainstorming and collaborating.  Friendships and memories for life were quickly formed! We were very […]

Our Photograph Winner Ella McIvor enjoys her NG Prize!

“As the winner of the Roots & Shoots Most Outstanding Photograph competition I was lucky to be invited to visit the London HQ of National Geographic Kids Magazine to look behind the scenes of the making of the magazines and the photos behind the stories. I learned about the editing process and where the photos […]

Compassion in World Farming International and Roots & Shoots form a new Partnership

Compassion in World Farming International (Compassion) is a registered charity, aiming to achieve humane and sustainable global food and farming policies and practices. Compassion campaigns and lobbies for an end to industrial farming methods and for a future farming system based on agro-ecological and compassionate methods. Compassion’s HQ is in the UK and it has offices/representation […]

No Waste November

Think of all those coffee cups, plastic straws, washing up bottles, packaging around fruit and vegetables, old clothes and unused cosmetics we throw away every day. Think of all of the energy and resources that went into making them, and the amount of waste they generate in landfill. If everyone reduced the amount they used […]

Roots & Shoots UAE has been nominated for the Pride of Abu Dhabi Awards! Please vote for us!

We are honoured and delighted to have been nominated for the Special Recognition category of the Pride of Abu Dhabi Awards! The only real people’s choice award, The Pride of Abu Dhabi Awards is the community awards that celebrates the people and companies that make the city great. Created by the people behind Abu Dhabi World magazine, the capital’s favourite […]

A special expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

In February 2019, our friends at The Explorer’s Passage and 2041 ClimateForce are holding a special expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s Highest Peak! Their mission is to help with the environmental degradation in the area around Mount Kilimanjaro. A portion of the proceeds from this Expedition will go towards a large tree planting project near the mountain in […]