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Penryn College

Penryn College

Permaculture for a sustainable life at Penryn College

As part of the continuing development of students understanding of horticulture and sustainable techniques the growing team were taken on a Permaculture workshop working alongside our permaculture expert Nick Waitz.  They first went to visit a local garden for inspiration from nature looking at how plants in the wild used permaculture techniques naturally in a […]

A Growing Concern – students become enterprising around Penryn College

As part of the continued success of the Living Classroom project at the College and the produce that was being grown we enlisted the help of our Business studies leaders to set up the Living Classroom Enterprise.  Through business studies lessons the students looked at how to run a small business and created an action […]

Arts and the Outdoors at Penryn College

What an exciting opportunity it was when a local artist, Binki Rees, approached the school with an offer of building an outside kiln in our ecology area.  Choosing a small group of our environmental leaders and arts leaders we met up on a Saturday morning to create the kiln. With the aid of an old […]

Penryn College’s Apple Day Celebrations

To celebrate Apple Day the College growing team joined the Chyan Community Farm for the day for a range of apple inspired activities.  These included apple bobbing, an apple peeling competition and a scarecrow making challenge.  It was a great day for everyone with loads of fun and a shared picnic made from the fruit […]

Penryn College: Recharge or Recycle!

As part of a real effort to increase the level of battery recycling across the country from 4% to 25% over the next 2 years the College has now got its own battery recycling box.  Having been launched in assemblies across the whole school students are now filling up these boxes quickly with used batteries […]

A day of Sustainability and Design at Penryn College

As part of Design of the Times (DoTT) Cornwall event for schools Penryn College held a whole day of sustainable activities for year 7. Starting in the morning with a presentation on climate change and a ‘green’ circus show students then attended a wide range of workshops held by local organisations including Cornwall recycle; Surfers […]

Penryn College’s Growing Team gets active!

Over the Spring and Summer our Growing Team became increasingly busy looking after the technology gardens and our new farm area. A huge amount had to be done to the Farm area to be able to start growing our produce and it was down to our growing team meeting after school and at weekends to […]

The Future of Penryn College’s Farm

After a really successful farm design session with our environmental leaders and growing team we have come up with the final plan for our farm area. As well as two polytunnels and a training workshop we have an orchard area, a series of raised beds, our willow plantation, space for chickens, a pond to try […]

Penryn College is back online!

Wow, its been ages since we last posted a story of what we have been up to! Over the next few weeks we will try to bring you up to date with all that has been happening at the college from illustrating tomato books to creating a new pond area to selling our own produce.  A […]

Penryn College: Celebrating our new school on opening day – Mission Update!

As part of the opening day events for Penryn College to celebrate our new school, our environmental leaders got together for the day to create a Jungle Frenzy made from willow and tissue paper.  Students then created jungle creatures out of recycled waste to signify the wide diversity of animals found in our forests.  We […]