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Kilgarth School

Kilgarth School

Never Again Project – The Aspire Schools

September the 17th saw the launch of our Never AgainProject in the fight against hate crime. The inspiration behind the project stemmed from the experiences of Steven Baker, Principal of the Aspire Schools Federation*.   Steven  witnessed first-hand the worst humanity has to offer when he worked for the UN as a Forensic Anthropologist before he […]

Nature Is Nurture Summary

The Nature Is Nurture report responded to two questions posed by the Local Government Select Committee. Firstly, who uses parks and open spaces, how often and what for? Secondly, what contribution do parks make to the health and well-being of communities? The foremost was addressed through pupil, parent and adult questionnaires and the latter was […]

Kilgarth’s Aspire Project

We are Kilgarth School – an award winning school for boys with social, emotional and behavioural needs. Despite there often being additional social, economic and cultural deprivation, our pupils manage to achieve great results in school. We are fortunate to have a Headteacher, Steven Baker who is held in high esteem for his creative leadership […]