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Mad Hatter s Nursery School (The)

Mad Hatter s Nursery School (The)

Mad Hatter’s ‘In Touch with Nature’ project

Mad Hatter’s used the grant money to buy some planters and plant herbs for the children to watch grow, and then experiment using the herbs during cooking classes in the nursery. Strawberry and blueberry plants were also planted next to an area that was strategically left to go wild as a way to encourage more bees and pollinating insects […]

Mad Hatter’s Wins a Bronze Award from Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots

Mad Hatter’s Nursery, a brilliant preschool in Hampshire, has been given a Bronze Award from Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots for efforts in Conservation – Spring Term 2022. Congratulations Mad Hatters! The owner of the nursery – Mrs Chiverton – and her lovely team, and children at the preschool have been overjoyed with this Award. […]

Throwback project – Mad Hatter’s bug hotel – then and now

In 2018, I wrote about Mad Hatter’s Nursery’s beautiful buzzing bug hotel in their wonderful outdoor space shared with two magical, white rabbits called Marshmallow and Smudge, as well as lots of children’s toys, swings, and Wendy-Houses. Looking after insects and animals found in the play area has always been encouraged. Since then, the children […]

Mad Hatter’s Spring Chorus

The children at Mad Hatter’s Nursery School have had an excellent start this year, covering crucial, topical issues in our Conservation Art workshops. The plight of the pangolins, the wonder of otters, along with subjects like coral reef conservation – to name but a few – have been playfully coloured in a calming, fun and […]

Mad Hatter’s Nursery School – In Touch with Nature Project update

Mad Hatter’s is using the grant money to encourage more hedgehogs into the children’s play area. Mrs Chiverton would like to plant more hedgerow and a couple of willow trees to make a willow tunnel. Barry, Mrs Chiverton’s husband, will build a hedgehog house (to save cost) and if any money was to be left over they would add more […]

Renewable Energy with Liphook Infant School

Explaining the science behind climate change and how it adversely effects our beautiful planet to six and seven-year-old children is not so easy but, the kids at Liphook Infant School were engaged and received the information willingly, which was then translated very well through their art. Considering that the Arctic is warming two to three […]

Kangaroos Hop – Australian Wildfires at Mad Hatter’s

By now, most people have heard about the devastating bushfires that have been destroying parts of Australia since September 2019 and considering that 500 million animals species – mammals, birds and reptiles – have already died, along with 25 people at the last count and 2,000 homes (, I wanted to run a very gentle […]

Tree Conservation at Mad Hatter’s Nursery

The 30th November marked Tree Charter Day when the Woodland Trust called upon one million people across the UK to plant a tree, so I thought it would be a good time to teach the children about the importance of trees, along with winter birds ( Mrs Casey had helped the kids create bird feeders […]