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The New Forest Clarion

As part of a group of schools, sussed in the forest, ran by Gill Hickman, our children were asked to write a piece. We talked about what might happen to our area by 2050 if we don’t do anything about global warming. This started a discussion on how hot the sea where we live in […]

Sharing a bee friendly spot

We we’re lucky to be donated 500 seed balls, via their charitable donation scheme. There were far too many for our pre school allotment, so we decided to have a bring along and swap morning on our allotment. Our lovely parents were asked to bring along a flower that attracted bees, or a strawberry plant […]

Worm investing!

We were more than happy to loan use of our allotment to Victoria, researching soil and insects from the Natural History Museum. Victoria tested our soil, then left three traps-one in our wild flower area, one in our vegetable area and one in our strawberry patch. The children had to leave those traps well alone […]

Ice play with a special message

The children were enjoying finding and playing with ice, outside in our garden, on our allotment onion beds and on the pond. Huge chunks were held, looked through, broken up and discussed as every piece was different and then started to melt. I set up a small world tray with different size ice cubes and […]

Autumn means change

Autumn is a very exciting time for our children. We are so lucky to have a range of trees, animals and vegetables right outside our door. We go out every day to observe how much our environment has changed, we handle and play with the leaves to make hedgehogs and hedgehog houses, we add to […]

Wow wild flowers for free

Our our wild flowers have  begun to flower at last! Back in May we were lucky to receive wild flower seeds from various kind organisations, such as seedball, meadow in my garden and grow wild. You can find them all on Twitter. Luckily they are more than happy to donate to schools and community groups. […]

We have frogs!

    We are lucky enough to have access to an amazing forest school area, which we visit most days. The shallow pond holds an incredible amount of pond life, including frogs. So, back in February we were excited to find a large clump of frogspawn. We discussed with the children that it was very […]

Hop to it!

Back in sunny February, the children were excited to find a clump of frogspawn in our forest school pond. We talked about what would happen if the frost came one night, what would happen to the frogspawn? So we decided to help nature out,carefully scooping it out into a bucket with some pond water. We […]

So many seeds, not enough room!

Spring is a very busy time for our children at milford pre school plus. We were excited to receive our RHS seeds from space. Our young children were able to pinch one seed at a time and drop into a cell. They were keen to spray with water before placing on a large window ledge! […]

Recycled Pots for Plants!

At Milford Pre-School , we go through a whole lot of milk bottles! Thirsty work, all this play! So we looked at various activities to show the children how we could re use our plastic  milk bottles, and plastic squash bottles from home. We decided to make Elmer the Elephants, using the top half of […]