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Swap pots for bottles!

Here at Milford pre school, we go through an awful lot of four pint milk bottles! Busy children equal thirsty children! So we thought about how we could re use them, instead of just recycling them. We hoped with some fun ideas, that our children would begin to think creatively about reusing, then taking ideas […]

Milford Pre-School Plus

Can the youngest of children learn about fair trade?! Of course they can! We were lucky to be able to borrow a collection of fair trade objects, the children especially enjoyed looking at all the food packages, the recycled toys and pictures and images from hot countries where fair trade is prevalent. The children were […]

Small people rock!

Here at Milford pre school, we are very proud of all the amazing things the children do and learn about. Their young age is no barrier, in fact their innocence and thirst for learning is such a positivity. We are rhs level 5 school gardening award holders, and more recently were thrilled to be awarded […]