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Ringwood School

Ringwood School

One World: People in a Global Village – Mission Update!!

As Ringwood’s work on the One World theme continued throughout the Summer term, we tried to meet the Roots & Shoots challenge of spreading the word of Roots & Shoots (Exercise 2 of J’s Lost Notebook). The many school and community projects that we have been involved with and that are described below, have allowed […]

Ringwood School’s Spring Term Mission Update!

Agent Hickman reports from Ringwood School about what they have been doing this spring term. Question Time with our MP Students were treated to a stirring and impassioned speech by Mr Swayne who made clear his personal commitment to helping producers in developing countries get a better deal clear. In a rousing speech he described […]

Ringwood School, Hampshire – Mission Update!

Some of the children are doing individual projects, whether on animals, fungi, plants. The school has a climate change garden which educates the children about being aware of climate change and its affects on the environment. The garden includes native plants and vegetables which they are selling at the school gates. They are currently building […]