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Lowestoft Campus East Coast College

Lowestoft Campus East Coast College

Lowestoft Campus East Coast College – In Touch with Nature project

The Enterprise learners from East Coast College had an idea to create a Wellbeing Garden. They designed this and decided what items would be beneficial. Together, the learners bought fruit trees and plants that attract bees and butterflies e.g. echinacea and lavender to plant in the wellbeing garden. This was with the money kindly donated […]

The latest from East Coast College

This academic year, the Foundation and Progression Department has joined together to take part in projects that are good for the environment. The Enterprise group is doing voluntary work at Somerleyton Hall in Suffolk. They have potted plants, raked and cleared leaves and planted spring bulbs for next spring. At the same time, they have […]

Wellbeing Garden

Students at East Coast College have been working on the creation of a Wellbeing Garden that will benefit people, the environment and animals. The Brickwork students have been clearing an area of refuse and have been digging trenches to make pathways. The Enterprise students have grown bee and butterfly plants for the garden which will […]

Lowestoft Campus East Coast College – In Touch with Nature Project update

* The Wellbeing Garden at East Coast College Foundation has been given an area of the grassy quad to call our own and students have decided they would like to benefit people, the environment and animals in the design and content of the Wellbeing Garden. We purchased the following things: 4 fruit trees at a cost of approximately […]

Environmental Enterprise

Students in the Enterprise group at East Coast College have developed their project further by delivering fresh fruit and vegetables to students and staff and suggesting healthy vegetarian recipes to cook. This is good for the people of the college because it will make them healthier by increasing their intake of vitamins and minerals. The […]

East Coast College

Staff and students have joined a working group to improve environmental sustainability at East Coast College.  We are writing a tutorial curriculum for delivery to all students and this will involve a series of short term projects chosen by students to improve the environment. We are looking to reduce our carbon emissions by working from home, […]