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Moreton Hall School

Moreton Hall School

Moreton Hall’s Switch-off Fortnight

Starting on November 27th, we are starting our Switch-off Fortnight initiative to make our school more energy-efficient. It’s a straightforward plan with some cool activities in the mix: Pupils Patrols in Classrooms: Our amazing pupils are taking charge! In the evenings, they’re going room to room, ensuring lights, computers, and projectors are switched off when […]

Moreton Hall’s Apple juice

Autumn at Moreton Hall wasn’t just about falling leaves; it was also the season for picking fresh apples from the school’s walled garden. Eager students got hands-on, picking a wheelbarrow full of apples. The excitement didn’t stop there; thanks to a thoughtful parent, the apples were turned into delicious apple juice, becoming a special treat […]

Going Green for International Boarding Day

The spirit of eco-consciousness took center stage this year as pupils embraced sustainability for the BSA International Boarding Day. From dazzling trashion shows to hands-on gardening activities, the event showcased a commitment to both creativity and conservation. Let’s dive into the highlights of this green celebration that brought together students, teachers, and the beauty of […]

Call to Earth Day at Moreton

On November 8th, Moreton Hall School organized a Call to Earth Day event to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. The day was filled with various activities to engage the students in eco-friendly practices and encourage them to take action towards a sustainable future. One of the highlights of the day was […]

Corn Flower Farm

Moreton Hall’s Corn Flower Farm is a place where compassion, sustainability, and education come together harmoniously. In 2020, this school farm began its journey with the rescue of two orphaned lambs, Eddie and Shawn, who have now grown into sturdy 3-year-olds. Since then, the farm has flourished, not only in terms of its animal residents […]

Good News Bad News

When the pandemic struck, many of us found ourselves confined to our homes, facing the challenge of staying productive and positive during these trying times. For the eco team at Moreton Hall, this presented an opportunity to bring the green message home. Thus, the “Eco Tips” initiative was born. The concept was simple yet effective: […]

Conscious Choice Campaign at Moreton Hall

At Moreton Hall our Eco team has been working in partnership with the Morton Enterprise to bring a variety of items to the school. The group have lead a school wide campaign for more environmentally friendly options to be sold in our shops to help enable customers to make more  globally friendly choices in their purchases. This was […]