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UCL Roots & Shoots Team

UCL Roots & Shoots Team

Protecting our green spaces

Whilst we are locked in, giving nature some breathing space we have the amazing opportunity to reflect: With this pandemic you can imagine we haven’t had many school visits, on our last school visit we had the pleasure, and I mean pleasure, of talking to kids to about how we can encourage nature in their […]

UCL Roots & Shoots: Spreading mud, glitter and a new found appreciation of bees

This year we’ve taught in three schools. These are St Aidens, Rutherford and Kensington primary schools, with 2 classes in the final two and 1 in the first. With each class we do two sessions, the bee session below and a small group work shop session. This involves splitting the class in three, with two volunteers […]

UCL Roots & Shoots update

UCL Roots & Shoots have had a great year! We visited several schools across London to lead our two-day workshops, with the first workshop concentrating on energy and pollution and the second workshop focusing on conservation issues such as habitat loss, poaching and overfishing. We finish each workshop with our favourite activity – the positive […]

UCL Roots & Shoots

“We’d warned the kids last year about energy issues, but we didn’t think they’d be affecting the schools as well! This year UCL Roots & Shoots renewed its successful partnership with Argyle primary school in King’s Cross only to find out, one bitterly cold morning in February, that the winter weather had frozen the school […]

Year 5 at St. Michael’s Explore the Blind Community

Year 5 were granted a look into the Blind Community. The workshop revolved around the difficulties and challenges faced by blind people and how we can sometimes go out of our way to help them if they need it. The children also grasped the adaptations and solutions developed by and for blind people to help […]