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Pembridge Hall

Pembridge Hall

Sharing our Commitment

  This year we were invited to participate in Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Walk for Peace. Recognizing the importance of education and communication the Green Girls and the three Year 4 classes created Doves for Peace. While the Year 4s celebrated with a walk in our local park, the Green Team toured London. We […]

Teachers’ Involvement

Being a city school it is often difficult to enjoy the great outdoors so now we have brought a taste of nature to our school. From our garden parties where girls of all ages come together to plant flowers for each of the classes to our new and wonderful garden, Pembridge is simply blooming. With […]

Recycling with Parents Help

Many of our parents are equally concerned with being sustainable and protecting our environment. One example of their participation is a new recycling ink cartridges programme that Mrs. Woodruff and her daughter Dora have set up. Now, not only can we recycle our batteries with the help of the Kensington and Chelsea borough but now […]

Our Wormary

With our interests in reducing and reusing waste, Brookwood gave our Green Girls a wormary of our own. All classes take turns at collecting food scraps from the kitchen and adding them to our compost. After a year, we finally managed to reap the benefits of the compost and received liquid nutrients just in time […]

Working with Caterers

  Brookwood, our school caterers, have worked alongside our Green Team discussing ideas and listening to the students concerns. Together we have come up with reusable lunch bags in hopes of reducing our waste. Our food is bought from sustainable organisations and a booklet has been produced to explain these initiatives to the children and […]

Expanding our Green Team

With so much interest and such great ideas we have expanded our Green Team. We now have girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 meeting weekly to work on making our school eco-friendly and to discuss conservation and environmental topics. Girls from Kindegarten to Year 3 work together or learning about nature and the importance of […]

To Agent Gillingham and the Green Girls – Mission Update!

Hello fellow eco-warriors! I have read the brief on Misson Ice World – basically we have to try and save Scotland from freezing over otherwise in the future it will be derserted and completely frozen. We can stop this from happening by stopping Global Warming happening. Please reply ASAP. Every idea is needed! Agent Scarlett