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Home Super Agents – Foster Care Support

Home Super Agents – Foster Care Support

Sit Still Sundays

A beautiful sunny Sunday in February saw me out in the garden secateurs in hand. I have small stretch of beech and hazel hedge across a part of the garden so like to try and control its height. I don’t prune it but gently lay it so the branched entwine horizontally. Not only does this […]

In Support of Spiders

So often reviled and meeting unpleasant and untimely ends because of our irrational but deep seated fears I present the ….humble spider. Now image that your arms and legs are attached to bungee lines all pulling in different directions, multiply by 2 and put your-self in a 70 mph wind! You are now ‘bungee spider’ […]


Today I worked with a young lady whose life so far has left her with a legacy of ‘I want’. So off we went to the beach for a play and a paddle. Being hot and sunny the first thing we encountered was a beetroot red tourist eating ice creams. There was brief ‘I want’ […]